The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna

Three salesmen working for a firm that makes industrial lubricants are waiting in the company's "hospitality suite" at a manufacturers' convention for a "big kahuna" named Dick Fuller to show up, in hopes they can persuade him to place an order that could salvage the company's flagging sales.

Two veteran salesman dissect a sales pitch to a particular client, through their young protege. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ulises E (ru) wrote: Hilarious and Romantic!

Christine A (it) wrote: the truth is even worst than movie. love the filming.

Lindsey L (au) wrote: Some rather innovative kills, lame plot that tries too hard to be something more than a generic slasher.

Alex r (kr) wrote: The mafia has often been romanticized through Hollywood, the image of gangsters and hard edged criminals have been shrouded in legendary status among filmgoers since The Godfather. With Gomorra, the viewer gets an unflinching look at the criminal underworld. The film is quite raw and gritty, and it adds realism, to its story, something that is refreshing in the genre. The performances on-screen are very good, and Gomorra is one of the finest crime films that I've seen in quite some time. The cast do a fine job in their performances, and bring something unique to the screen. Gomorra is a memorable crime film that successfully strips away the romantic qualities of what you expect from the mob and delivers an intense picture that is raw, gritty and ugly. The film succeeds on many levels and it is a crime drama that you won't forget. This is a worthwhile film to watch and it will certainly entertain genre fans looking for something different. Gomorra succeeds on many levels, and if you're looking for a very well acted movie that tells an unflinching story of crime, then this film is the one to watch. Crime films are always hard to pull off, but this one definitely succeeds on many levels. The direction is engaging and the cast elevate the material significantly. Although at time times there are aspects that should have been better, the film manages to tell an engaging storyline that will entertain genre fans. Gomorra is an accomplished film that reinvents the genre. The film at times could have been better, but overall this is a highly entertaining crime film that you shouldn't pass up.

Artie P (au) wrote: A great cast, bad story. Actors just have nothing to work here, the story is lethargic and uninspired... BOOORING!

Pol P (ag) wrote: This is a compelling yet disturbing film. Beautifully shot and poignant, as far as the representation of post-war traumas is concerned, but also quite problematic in terms of its unimaginative reliance on gender stereotypes. Senad Basic is, as always, superb!

Jerry J (au) wrote: A unique documentary for cult film audiences.

Ken S (de) wrote: Like Piranha but with the reveal at the end of the movie instead of the beginning. Oh and not funny and no nudity, lame.

Freeman M (nl) wrote: Enjoyable when it's wacky, but otherwise, it's surprisingly dull.

Zandra E (nl) wrote: Brilliant, touching and so real look at a couple dealing with the last stages of life with AIDS. Tom and Mark's love is beautifully detailed along with the frustrations and pain of dealing with a stigmatized chronic illness. Also, this is a great historical look at what life was like before advances in medicine and societal acceptance of gay life.

Iggy A (mx) wrote: A visually beautiful Chinese film. Not much of a guy movie. Maybe kinda dark for girls too. Won't please everyone. I consider it an interesting story told with skill and style...

David M (ag) wrote: This is actually my favorite horror film, and I'm not a huge fan of horror films. This is about as close as it gets. It has many different elements to it, but the Predator brings back terrifying memories that are unforgettable.

Larry W (gb) wrote: The thunder dome has become a staple trope of dystopia sci-scifi. Like it's predicessor, a post-apocalypse etymology as much as an action film.

Patricia A (ca) wrote: Love Elvis. His films are cr&p but I love him any way !

Roman R (fr) wrote: "Jules And Jim" es una de la cintas representativas del "New Wave" francs y una historia que define perfectamente a una generacin. Jules y Jim son un par de amigos que viven la vida bohemia hasta que conocen a Catherine, una mujer que los hace caer rendidos gracias a su belleza y complejidad (que muchas veces raya en neurosis). Pero a pesar de que Jules la ama incontrolablemente y se quiere casar con ella, le permite tener sus amorios y hasta le permite una relacin con Jim. "Jules and Jim" es una hermosa pelcula con estupendas actuaciones, brillantemente dirigida por Francois Truffaut.

Dillinger P (ru) wrote: Although the Trouble With Harry may cover a lot of the same subject matter, that Hitchcock likes to continually output, here he does it in an exciting and somewhat different manner. The Trouble With Harry is a delightful comedy, glossed over with sinister over tones and an extremely simple and heartwarming brush stroke, that makes the film utterly hilarious and infectious all the same. In a small little village, where everyone knows everyone, the appearance of a dead body in the woods is about to take its toll on the locals. Harry's past is little known by some, however after multiple characters begin to solve the puzzle, it turns out its all in their best interest that not only is Harry dead but that he should stay out of sight. Much like his previous efforts and his ones after, Hitchcock plays his cards close to his chest throughout, using the continual burden of Harry's existence to gain laughter from the audience. Not only can the man craft wildly inventive who done its, but he can also have you in fits of hysterics, and he knows the exact balance in which to present these ideas. The characters are all wonderfully realized, cookie, delightful, zany and even by modern days fresh. It's utterly compelling to watch actors output the quality on show here over 50 years ago and still out do most modern actors efforts, this is mainly because Hitchcock not only knows how to cast but he knows how to get a performance. His ensemble here Edmunad Gwenn, John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine and Mildred Natwick are all gloriously, multi layered characters that really get stuck in your hearts, even if initially they all seem a little weird and unconcerned about the appearance of a dead body. They all play it brilliantly with Forsythe, quite possibly pulling out the best performance. Hitchcock also simplifies his visuals here, allowing the actors to do most of the work, this is testament to them and the script, in fact although the colour may be wonderful and the framing acceptable, the most iconic and stand out visual on show here is an extremely brief but poignant low angle shot on the corpses feet, it is however so striking and pungent you cant help but bask in its inclusion. There is very little to say about this outing, although nowhere near as compelling and jam packed with brilliance as his previous efforts, Hitchcock manages to pull out an overly simple and quirky effort that is extremely enjoyable, funny and slightly morbid, in all the right ways. Its by no means his best work, but it would be a shame to let it pass you by.

Rod P (fr) wrote: Fall in love with Claire Bloom.

Rafael L (gb) wrote: Great thriller with awesome practical effects and one-liners.

Megan W (it) wrote: Highly informative, but hard to watch in one sitting.