The Big Lift

The Big Lift

The Berlin Air Lift from the point of view of two NCOs.

Experiences of two Air Force sergeants during the 1948 Berlin Airlift. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Big Lift torrent reviews

Peter W (ag) wrote: Hilarious! Not the comedic duo you would expect, but they pull it off.

Stanley K (ag) wrote: Striking visuals (if reminiscent of Gladiator, Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and Game of Thrones amongst others) and an intriguingly hammy performance from Charlize Theron as a seriously disturbed queen. But this film joins the ranks of wannabe epics that fail to have any impact, particularly in the oddly dull action and battle sequences. And Kristen Stewart is miscast, convincing neither as an innocent beauty confronted by and grappling with evil nor as a warrior queen. She's physically present and that's it. Optically interesting failure.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: Nothing really wrong with it. But nothing really all that 'right' with it either. Sort of like a movie filmed for people stuck on long airplane flights.

Dickie L (mx) wrote: All the intimacy of a feature length home movie, and unfortunately about as interesting for anyone who doesn't personally know the actors playing themselves. Nice folksy soundtrack, and the saturated colours and editing deliberately evoke the 70s in much the same way that Moodysson did with Together.

Jess (jp) wrote: Bitchy teen girl ?Little girl who becomes friends with a dead girl her age ?Mom who at first doesn't believe in the dead, but then does ?Creepy house in the middle of nowhere that needs tons of work ?Yep, this most certainly does include all the "normal" cliches of a horror movie. Now, I'm a fan of the whole zombie thing so I'm not being bias, but little kids as zombies? Err. . . .not quite sure. The teen girl name Sarah(not sure what her age is...) is reluctant to move, but as with all movies like this, mom tries to make the best of it. In the middle of the movie Sarah meets these three teens who soon become her friends, (two guys, one girl) one the guys she crushes on. I found one of the parts SO awkward. They drop her off at home, the boy she likes gets out with her so they can SURPRISE ALERT...kiss. He asks her if they can hangout again and she's like "Yeah"...*blush..blush* "I mean..sure." *giggle...giggle.* <--How fucking lame. The response means the same damn thing, if she was going for a less desperate response, then "yeah" would have done it, hunny buns. Now all my mom and I do make fun of that. xD It hasn't gotten old...yet.But I must admit, the end caught me by surprise. Still not a movie I'd recommend. It's not scary, but it does have a few twists to it.

Archer F (ag) wrote: What the fuck is this garbage?

Rahul D (us) wrote: worst than i thought

Sahara K (it) wrote: OMG! This brings back momories. I first had to watch a few vids on this website to make sure it WAS the movie that i watched as i child. Really sad and i love the scene when Snoopy fights with Linus over the blacket, funny yet also upsetting as they are both trying to hurt each other. Nowadays you don't see that kind of violence. and indeed once you see it when your older i.e older than 10 you realize that there are some adult themes. Good film to enjoy when you need a heartwaming moment and the return of old memories.

danny d (kr) wrote: im not sure i laughed a single time. i loved the concept, that alone keeps it from the worst of the worst, and the first short was really the only one i can appeal to as genuinely entertaining, but most of the rest of the film was uncomfortably unwatchable.

John D (ca) wrote: Quite possibly the funniest title I've ever heard.

Sherry L (ca) wrote: Passionate roles like this arent really Rita Hayworths strong side, which results in that nothing she does in this movie feels natural or spontaneous. And Jos Ferrer as a missionaire moralist? They must be kidding! The movie is about a free spirited girl named Sadie Thompson, who works on a bar on a tropical island which serves as a military outpost. So she flirts with one, or two or maybe fifty of the guys there every night, dances and drinks beer. And there are some missionaires working on the island too. One of them (Jos Ferrer) recognises Sadie as a prostitute working on an imfamous nightclub on Honolulu and he threats to arrage to get her deported if she doesnt leave the island immediately. (The funny thing is why no one asks what this "missionaire" had to do on this nightclub). So Sadie agrees in leaving and this missionaire rapes her before she leaves. (Another funny thing is that Sadie doesnt look a bit devastated or sad because of the rape, but rather a little bit annoyed). And it finally turnes out that the missionaire was the one who felt the most sorry about the rape...(???????)

Gordon D (us) wrote: Geoffrey Rush is excellent as usual and the 13 year old heroine fills the part skillfully, including the accent. It's a family friendly movie about the horrors of WWII, so while it doesn't sugar coat the truth, it also dispenses with the graphic violence that has become almost stock fare. It made me reconsider what could reasonably be expected of the German populace who did not hate the Jews but feared they would be taken next.