The Big Noise

The Big Noise

During World War II Stan and Ollie find themselves as improbable bodyguards to an eccentric inventor and his strategically important new bomb.

During World War II Stan and Ollie find themselves as improbable bodyguards to an eccentric inventor and his strategically important new bomb. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob D (kr) wrote: This movie was pretty entertaining but definitely not one of A24's best movies.

Ron T (ca) wrote: Thank God I fell asleep watching this movie. Morgan Freeman's voice is the only good part.

Sanghee P (mx) wrote: I felt like watching a fairy tale. somewhat cliche, but unexpectedly beautiful story.

Carlos M (de) wrote: A hilarious political satire with a witty dialogue and a deliciously British sense of humor that I imagine is not for everyone - and Peter Capaldi is priceless and steals the show every time he appears, swearing insanely and shouting the f-word to everyone.

Totally M (mx) wrote: Brilliant brilliant and brilliant

Paul D (us) wrote: Creepy and entertaining with a great performance (I guess it had to be a performance, right?) by Eric (the S&Man).

Jose Alejandro S (ru) wrote: Ayer descubr esta cinta, me ha gustado mucho... Resulta bastante interesante y divertido ver la politica a travez de los ojos de un nio, ver la inocencia y picardia con la que tratan el tema... Pero adems es interesante y triste a la vez, ver como nios que deberan estar jugando, se van involucrado con estos temas dede muy chicos, gracias a las actitudes de sus padres...

Kurtiss K (it) wrote: "Hot Rod" has its moments, but this Andy Samberg vehicle doesn't have enough gas to make it through a montage-heavy 90 minutes of mediocre slapstick.

Leon D (ca) wrote: This 3rd installment was pretty disappointing, while the villains were interesting, it just felt it was missing a bit more excitement happening.

Sean S (au) wrote: Mo Better Blues starts off as it meant to continue, a slick, fast talking and well crafted film focuses on the struggled life of Bleek Gilliam, The film features a great ensemble cast led by 2 great performances from Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington. Their relationship in the movie is a key to the films success as it transcends a usual rivalry or friendship in movies. They both deeply respect each other and are good friends but are striving for the same goal and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Scenes of conflict with them seem natural as they speak frankly to each other whilst fooling around with the other band members whilst the camera moves freely reassuring a sense of commrodary between you and the band and between the band itself. Their a tightly woven group and the relaxed pacing and handheld camera work gives a sense of home-movie to the film without ever coming across as amateur. The soundtrack is another area where this film excels as the soundtrack doesn't just feel like a soundtrack it feels like a quintessential part of the film and if it wasnt there the film would feel incomplete. Music is these peoples lives through and through and its great to see the film really captures that and re-inforces the feeling of authenticity that is running strong through the film. Saying this it's not perfect, there are more than one occasion where the editing is jolted and quite obviously chops from one scene to another and then back but this is forgivable seen as it's so early in the directors career.

Sebastian H (it) wrote: weird one, but not that bad

Martin T (kr) wrote: Excellent samurai drama that offers sharp criticism of the concept of blind loyalty. Especially notable for its superb score by Toshiaki Tsushima. The film is fast-paced and exciting, but I did get a little confused at times (I'm still not quite sure who Osen was).

Fuat Z (nl) wrote: Another great film by Alejandro Amenabar. Powerful depiction of religion vs science on the 4th century that are still relevant to this day. Also, in my opinion, serve as a great Christian movie.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: The critic consensus says it all.

Chris B (kr) wrote: Action movie with a message.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Eric Bana is great in Spielberg's flawed but surprisingly potent take history. That history being Israeli's response to the tragic 1972 Munich Olympic terrorist attack. Kushner and Roths' script is wisely more focused on the way this response impacted the Israeli agents who carry it out. There are flaws here, but there are some important ideas that are well and cinematically expressed.

Kevin R (nl) wrote: This shit does have an explanation Two men from Arkansas hear about gold hidden in a warehouse in the big city. The warehouse is in the inner slums of this city and vacated only by a couple homeless individuals. Shortly after beginning their search of the warehouse for the gold, a local gang enters the building and kills one of their members they believe is an informant. When the gang discovers the two men from Arkansas may be witnesses to the crime, they try to kill them. If the men from Arkansas want their gold, they're going to have to earn it. "One of those guys were wearing baseball shoes. Big son of a bitch." Walter Hill, director of Undisputed, Last Man Standing, Supernova, Johnny Handsome, Wild Bill, 48 hrs., Another 48 Hrs, Red Heat, Brewster's Millions, The Warriors, and Southern Comfort, delivers Trespass. The storyline for this picture is okay and entertaining for an action pick. The action scenes are okay but nothing special overall and the acting was on par for the genre. The cast includes Bill Paxton, Ice-T, Ice Cube, William Sadler, Art Evans, and Tommy Lister. "Fuck the god damn gold." "Fuck you." Trespass was a movie I had never seen all the way through. It is a movie that is fairly good and straightforward but doesn't deliver anything that makes it stand out for the genre. There are no characters that you feel invested in, no comedic lines, and no worthwhile action sequences. This is only worth your time if you're a diehard fan of the action genre. "Ain't nobody king of the streets." Grade: C+

ClaRita C (nl) wrote: It's like listening to the clean version of a song while the dirty version is playing in the back of your mind. Well executed. I could watch Sarsgaard and Maguire do anything!