The Big Parade

The Big Parade

The story of an idle rich boy who joins the US Army's Rainbow Division and is sent to France to fight in World War I, becomes friends with two working class men, experiences the horrors of trench warfare, and finds love with a French girl.

The son of a rich businessman joins the army when the U.S.A. enters World War One. He is sent to France, where he becomes friends with two working-class soldiers. He also falls in love with a Frenchwoman, but then he has to leave her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin T (it) wrote: A strange and visceral tale.

Bono T (es) wrote: After watching it for more than 20 times, I am still captivated by this low-budget film. Written By Jerome Bixby

Private U (au) wrote: i saw it and i loved it but why did jesus have to be so good looking? it made me guilty

familiar s (us) wrote: Seeing its high rating and believing it to be factual, I pounced upon it. But no sooner did the movie begin I found the proceedings to be too good to be true. And so it obviously was. The factual events are finely woven in this drama. I'd have enjoyed it more had it been without certain scenes. But having seen it, I guess they were necessary, or at least some of them. But I can't have everything my way. Putting that aside, the movie takes a dull start, but gets its grip firm as it advances, then takes a nap, then again becomes interesting,... and so on and forth. This tale of love, lies and betrayal is full of highs and lows. Predictable as it stands, it's interesting nevertheless. In fact, it's so great that (happened to encounter in Trivia section) it's been running daily since 2001 (till at least 10.30.2011 when this was written if the facts were factual!!!) at the Academy Arts Centre Theatre in Christchurch, New Zealand (so what if it's an accommodating 11 seat theater?).Surely worth a watch... and a gloomy Sunday may help more ;-)

Anthony V (es) wrote: The kind of story Hollywood likes to steal from Hong Kong, but never can do on its own. Good story and great characters.

Gemma S (ag) wrote: neva seen it but i will do

Anna Q (us) wrote: I remember watching this over and over because my friend had a crush on Justin Whalin.

Matt D (kr) wrote: This movie was a complete and utter waste of time!

Wes S (au) wrote: It's a typical 1960's black and white sci-fi movie. Stale plot, bland characters, cheap sets, and a slow ride. Honestly I didn't find it to be too bad, but it is a pretty easy film to riff on, and thankfully the running time isn't too long.

Carlos R (fr) wrote: Exhilarating, well acted, and a great premise. Final Destination is an over the top dumb fun thrill ride that offers some maturity aside from all the silly gory deaths.

Danny M (it) wrote: Great film. Love these films. Ain't seen for years, look Forward to seeing 2,3 and 4

David A (mx) wrote: Really has no one learnt the secret to success is NOT hire Adam Sandler?

Morpheus O (gb) wrote: Wow! ...his movie just hasn't aged well since I first saw it on cable when I was about 13 - 15. When I first saw this movie it was at the time one of the more interesting scary movies that I ever saw. I must've been a retard back then...The fact that there was so little back-story on the Malfeitor character might be the most disappointing thing about this movie. There is a certain possibility that this movie would have been pretty cool if they had set that up & done it right. Then there are the little things that bug me... 1. Besides the fact that they couldn't have known where the kid was buried & they could be looking for his grave all night long & then some, a little over an hour into the movie when Brandon is jumping the wall into the cemetery he puts the flashlight down on the top of the wall, picks it up when he's up there & then after jumping down from the wall picks it up again... 2. When Jim & Brandon are in the cemetery & Jim scares the shit out of Brandon the look on Brandon's face, just before Jim comes up behind him, is classic moron! The acting for the whole movie is pretty bad but, probably nowhere else in the entire movie is it this bad!3. During the Ouija board scene near the end when Brandon asks David "And you didn't kill Sarabeth?" the correct answer is yes, meaning "Yes, I didn't kill Sarabeth!" But, instead the answer is "No." meaning "No, I did kill Sarabeth!" Was the budget for this movie so puny that they couldn't afford to reshoot that scene or at least edit this minor scene to not make it look stupid?? Was the budget so puny that they couldn't afford to perform a few script readings for the cast?! Ultimately, this movie falls short bc they didn't really try at all to follow the storyline in a manner that makes sense and just went haphazardly blundering through it. If anyone with a minimum number of properly working braincells actually works/ed on such movies then they should know that since they don't have big budgets then they should stay away from the things that you basically need big budgets to have, to take proper advantage of, etc. Independently made, small budget films, by their very nature and description, don't have big budgets so while they can use, for example, some special effects they are better off barely using them at all bc all to often they look like fake shit. This means that smaller budget films, instead of relying on things that they can't, or can hardly, afford, since to rely on things like special effects/computer graphics, the best/nearly the best actors, expensive soundstages, etc., is just going to blow up in their face, ...they need to rely on intelligently written scripts, well written dialogue, better acting, real places for settings, ...things that they can actually afford!Granted, they didn't try very hard to control the things that they didn't have much control over, except for perhaps the dream sequence where Linda gets her head chopped off by Malfeitor...(It would have looked better if they hadn't of shown her head being chopped off with the axe; if she had woken up just before this happened in the dream that would have made more sense!) but, they really didn't try very hard at all to control the things that they did have control over, such as the script, the dialogue, a decent director! In a way, I sort of liked this movie but, it was just made by stupid ppl.Stephen Nichols, who played Brandon, did go on to a lucrative soap opera career.... so, that explains a certain amount of the stupidity right there.

John Y (au) wrote: There are a couple of qualms, but it actually is a really decent science fiction film.