The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep

The classic Raymond Chandler tale retold with Mitchum taking over the Bogart role.

Set in England, rather than California, the story follows Raymond Chandler's book fairly closely otherwise. Philip Marlowe is asked by the elderly (and near death) General Sternwood to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfin N (gb) wrote: That doesn't really make sense, does it?

John C (us) wrote: hmm i think i will see this movie

Yves B (gb) wrote: A movie that makes you think. On the one hand you could argue that the soldier should have known better, on the other hand the boy didn't seem traumatised later on in life but actually looked back on it fondly. Some would call it love, others would call it pedophilia. Perhaps it's the easiest thing to do, to think in black and white but we all know that nothing ever is. Perhaps that is the main message here: that we should not pre-judge anyone or anything.

Alexander W (es) wrote: love it. one of the funnyest movies i've ever seen. 'nuff said

Mike D (it) wrote: Hahahahaha terrible. Piper repopulates the human race, God help us

Darryl A (es) wrote: A great followup to the "Baby Jane" series. Starring 2 more feisty actresses that would have given Bette and Joan a run for their money. One of my favorite classics.

Kevin L (mx) wrote: Nice try Rza. With a few good action sequences, this movie falls flat.

Bengel W (jp) wrote: Pierre has done a fantastic job on the cinematography making for a rich and full visual treat that pays attention to detail. This is required as the finest quality actors are working hard to give an intimate story that is sensual and naughty. The depth of the emotions that hurt deeply when one brakes ones promises are shown clearly and so realistically that one finds oneself heart wrenched. Nibbles: Coffee.

Tom S (au) wrote: Black Mama, White Mama started off with a lot of promise. Better composition than most exploitation films, better story potential... but as soon as it stopped being a prison flick and moved into being a fugitive flick it became dull. Sure, it had its moments... most of them featuring Sid Haig... but overall it was pretty lackluster once the prison scenes were over. At least the way it ended showed that it had some balls.