The Bird People in China

The Bird People in China

Wada (Masahiro Motoki), a salary man, is enlisted to venture off to China to investigate a potential Jade mine. After his arrival, Wada encounters a violent, yet sentimental, yakuza (Renji Ishibashi), who takes the liberty of joining his adventure through China. Led on their long and disastrous journey to the mine by Shen, the three men come across something even more magical and enticing...

A salaryman and yakuza are each sent by their bosses to a remote Chinese village but discover more then they expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Billie B (fr) wrote: It's love, pure and unadulterated - simple and clean.

Anthony S (it) wrote: Entertaining. Loved the period fashion and decor.

Gene I B (ca) wrote: a fair read made into a good movie

Rose S (de) wrote: I really liked this movie! The history catch you at the first minute. The music is soooo good, and the performances BRILLIANT. The work of Sam Taylor-Johnson is really great, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Thomas Sangster were excellent. There is also to emphasize the work of Anne Duff, so good. This is a film that you can really enjoy.The Beatles are forever.

Jeff H (kr) wrote: Actually pretty good. Jason Rittier and Jess Weixler do a good job acting.

Snorre S (ag) wrote: Fantastisk bra spilt av Mads Mikkelsen. Havarerende ekteskap og far og soenn-forhold. Jeg tok meg selv i aa graate. Og i aa le - ingen gulasj paa tirsdager.

Jill R (us) wrote: Fun little mindless comedy. Nothing great but enjoyable enough to warrant a recommendation.Grade B-

Tracy N (kr) wrote: This movie was actually pretty funny. Lisa the bible-thumping girl was hilarious. Even Boreanaz was good, one of his better roles. Lol. Great one-liners, I would love to see the actual play!

Robert S (ag) wrote: The Dirty Dozen meets Full Metal Jacket, Korean style. A group of condemned criminals undergo a brutal training regime to become South Korea's most deadly unit. The aim: a mission to kill Kim Il-Sung. Completely over-the-top, but somehow this works. Despite the patriotic chest-thumping, this is utterly gripping in many parts. Worth a look.

Andree N (us) wrote: Having read and heard many positive reviews I was looking forward to my (belated) viewing of this movie with some expectations. Although nice, the actual film didn't live up to the reviews: the main actresses are great, but the story doesn't play out a fraction of its possibilities. As a coming of age drama that is meant to portray the inner and outer conflicts and contradictions of not only experiencing first love but having to ward off prejudices against same-sex relationships from all around, the movie comes to an all too sudden end when the truly interesting part could have started.. Nice to watch, and there are some beautiful moments, but nothing remotely enthralling. Ok for a laid back sunday afternoon where you don't want anything too exciting. 3/5 points for great actresses and a nice but not too great storyline. PS: I would give it 4/5 if I was sure I'd seen a teenage drama made for teenage viewers...

Doug B (jp) wrote: This is one of those classic black & white murder mysteries that is such fun to watch. Pat O'Brien and Broderick Crawford are in top form and Eve Arden steals every scene she is in. The DVD version runs 1 hr. 15 min and the VHS version runs 10 minutes longer (1 hr. 25 min.) Grab some popcorn,a cold drink,and turn the lights down low for a great movie! I highly recommend this delightful look at murder,mayhem,and how justice is served!

Tree Hugger M (it) wrote: 7/10 a good story but fully white cast and runtime let it down

Bryan C (fr) wrote: Holy crap....I Dont know where to start.....this movie is just terrific on every side....great acting great action great special effects....I just can't stop raving about it....and I Dont get why people say the human characters were bad actors...sure the apes were much more interesting and they were acting in the shadow of serkis and kebbell....anyway Matt reeves I cannot congratulate you enough you have just made me my favorite movie of all time.

Chris B (au) wrote: Your standard Rom com this feels from the outset but there is something about this film which makes it more enjoyable than your standard. Perhaps it is the performances of the main actors or the premise of the film but it is a film I have seen a few times and always enjoyed.

Waleed A (us) wrote: interesting concept for the experiment, but the rest of the movie was unbelievably boring and focused on the life of the guy which i couldn't care less about. (1 viewing)

Nekylay R (es) wrote: THIS WAS SUPER FUNNY