The Black Castle

The Black Castle

A Man investigates the disappearance of two of his friends who were the guests of a sinister Austrian count.

Man investigates the disappearance of two of his friends who were the guests of a sinister Austrian count. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Black Castle torrent reviews

Luciana F (fr) wrote: No curti, mas vale pelo dilogo sobre o aborto. Fica a dica para Serra e Dilma.

Larry Y (ag) wrote: adding based on Joe Bob Briggs' recommendation

Charlotte H (nl) wrote: lambert wilson est trop beau dedans !

Isabella D (de) wrote: I loved this foreign film with a passion! The girl that played Thuy was fantastic, and I loved how we saw the stories of both the flight attendant and the zookeeper in the background. All of their lives played in well with each other, and it was great to see the girl finally be happy in the end. In less than a week, they all became family.

Jeremy C (de) wrote: I recently had a friend recommend this film to me. But I didn't like it.GRADE:C+

LaDonna D (au) wrote: Tyrese and Meagan both were good in this movie. The movie was typical though but the acting was grand...even The Game! I would watch it again.

Timm S (fr) wrote: Felt The Whole Idea Was To Take A True Story & Completely Up The Ante On Gruesome Horror & Gore. I Don't Like These Sorts Of Films & Found It Not Scary At All But Rather Laughable. Well Done Film Australia?? Braaaaavo....Not!

Red L (ca) wrote: A film with both a shaggy-dog type story and a moral. A little bit for everyone.

Chris G (ag) wrote: Two (married) people fall in love, this could go anywhere. What makes this memorable is that its entirely plausible (and relatable), and you get one of the best possible endings.

Alexandra L (gb) wrote: Bon concept,mais mal men.

Akil G (gb) wrote: Great WWI movie. You can really see the strategies of naval/aerial warfare, and the mistakes the Japanese made.

Jacob J (it) wrote: Rocky V is a really disappointing part of the film series and I think Sylvester Stallone didn't really give out the heart of the character like he did with the last four films.

Ron G (fr) wrote: Have no idea why anyone hated on this. Think Sunday afternoon snackin on the couch in your PJs. If your a Lone Ranger fan, you might not like it. I look at it as before he was cool, and got his show on.