The Black Klansman

The Black Klansman

After a black man's daughter is killed by the KKK, he seeks revenge by becoming a Klansman.

After a black man's daughter is killed by the KKK, he seeks revenge by becoming a Klansman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian T (us) wrote: We all need to become a veggie.

Michael K (de) wrote: Dolph kicks ass in Prague and so does Cuba Gooding Jr.

Matthew T (de) wrote: The use of Pete Postlethwaite (god rest him) to link together these documentaries about climate change is a nice idea, though you have to wonder who this is aimed at. I doubt anyone from Shell will have their world-view altered by it - so it ultimately preaches depressingly to the converted. Though I must admit I did check twice that everything was unplugged on the way to bed afterwards.

Joe A (jp) wrote: Another straight to DVD sequel, this movie blows and the only reason I saw it was because I'm really into scuba diving and I love Hawaii. But really there's no reason to watch this movie. The acting really wasn't that bad, but the dialogue was so horrible that it makes the actors look bad. The story and plot lined also sucked and really should have lasted 40 min, but they added so much fluff in between to make it a 1:30. The movie is so bad, that i'm writing this review while the movie is still going on.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: this movie was so stupid i wouldent wach it agen even if you pay me

Henrysmovieguide C (ru) wrote: The best of the prequel series. But still not better than Empire. The acting is still only mediocre, but it was just better or something.

Sanford R (fr) wrote: I'd probably watch this

Adrian B (au) wrote: Odd, sad movie in which a strip club is the main focal point a small town, containing several different stories that are told in backwards chronology. One story involves a man (Bruce Greenwood) hiring a babysitter for his household which contains no children so that he can go to the strip club. Another story involves a young homosexual man (Don McKellar) that is being audited by the same individual who compulsively heads to the club. The homosexual also attends the club quite often. Finally, one of the strippers dislikes her position at the club, because of a murder of a stripper several years before, which causes conflicts between her and the DJ. Compelling, slow moving drama takes a generally thorough look at those who work and/or attend the strip club, which is general well-acted by all the cast members. Thankfully, unlike two other high profile stripper related films released around the same time, which BOMBED at the box office and with critics ("Striptease" and "Showgirls"), this one offers a very human look and not an excruciating nor humourous portrayal at the issues surrounding this type of locale.

Thomas D (us) wrote: 'Razorback', a movie about a giant, killer boar that storms the Australian Outback for blood! The special effects for the giant boar were decent. It is always shown in dark scenes, so it makes it look pretty real. The plot was so, so. It starts with an old man named Jake, one night a gigantic razorback boar smashes through the wall of his house and takes and devours the man's two year old child. The old man devotes his life to hunting down the beast and slaying it. An animal rights activist comes to the outback to do research on endangered kangaroo's and ends up getting killed by the giant boar! Yes, the boar is a blood-thirsty abomination that must be stopped! Anyways, her husband follows her to Australia to figure out what happened to her, only to eventually confront the evil 'Razorback' in a show down to the death. -Overall, 'Razorback' was a well made horror film. It had a lot of interesting camera angles and POV's. The characters were written just right, not too cheesy but not too in depth. The low budget didn't seem to effect the overall presentation, it actually made it really good. It was a surprisingly effective 'evil animal' movie like Jaws, Cujo, Anaconda's, etc. Definitely a good watch around Halloween.

Omar H (au) wrote: I want to wach this movie Oparetion daybreak

Nico S (ru) wrote: The fact that this film's innovations have stood the test of time and are rarely ever copied successfully says a lot about the amount of thought and talent to be able to make this film. Orson Welles gives one of the most raw performances I've ever seen, especially from the 1940s.

Chris H (fr) wrote: Disappointin g. Could have been much better