The Black Room

The Black Room

Karloff is once again chilling and brilliant in this highly-regarded dual role which showcases two sides of the actor. He plays twin brothers Anton and Gregor. It has been prophesied that Anton, the younger brother, will eventually murder Gregor in their castle's "Black Room." Gregor is an evil Baron who is loathed by everyone, while Anton is highly regarded and revered.

Ignoring an ancient prophecy, evil brother Gregor seeks to maintain his feudal power on his his Tyrolean estate by murdering and impersonating his benevolent younger twin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan F (mx) wrote: A nice film to watch on a Sunday afternoon when you want some great actors in a decent movie.

Matthew M (mx) wrote: There is no cooking meth in this movie what-so-ever. its a about a couple that has been together forever but then they are not and they learn to be themselves and things happen. Formulatic for the most part and never that climatic but its a feel good movie

Hans T (ag) wrote: Artig debutfilm uten bli for pretensis. Masse selvironi og et manus med brukbart driv. Skuespillerprestasjonene varierer, men de fleste leverer over middels til norsk vre. Lefler med litt av samme tingene som Killinggnget holder p med i bl.a. "Fyra nyanser av brunt". Glisbar til tider var den ogs!

Eliabeth M (au) wrote: Carter Webb: I've been trying to write this letter for a while now, the kind you said you'd never received. The kind I've been working on my whole life. I remember being 13 years old, sitting in my room all night, listening to the same song over and over. I thought that if I could write something beautiful, something honest, I could make someone love me. I've taken a lot for granted. I've never tried too hard; always avoided responsibility. I came here because I was running away, 'cause I wanted to be alone. Instead I met you and you weren't taking anything for granted. I hope you get all the moments you deserve. I hope you go back to NY and sit in the met in the room with the painting of the Hudson river, and I hope when you do, you take Lucy with you cause I know she'd love it. I'm sorry if I've made your life complicated. I'm sorry for a lot of things, but most of all that I never got the chance to tell you that, no matter what happens next, I'll never be anything but grateful for every moment I spent with you. And even though I keep fumbling for the right words, all I really wanted to say was thank you.

Shinyhair X (au) wrote: One of my favourites

Amber V (it) wrote: Some stars because the movie looks nice: the lighting is competent, the costumes are pretty, the leads are both attractive. Jake Weber's brief performance as the king of France is also noteworthy. The rest of the performances are amateurish at best. Or maybe it was just the awful material. The script is very weak (Veronica's transition to life as a courtesan is awfully underdeveloped, or at least unconvincing). The dialogue made me cringe more than once, especially those grand statements during the trial scene. How can anyone write, and let alone deliver, those lines with a straight face escapes me. I've never read Veronica Franco's poetry, but what is delivered as her poetry in the film can't possibly be the work of a published author. It's too bad. And to boot, a high fructose corn syrup musical score. The title is also quite something..."Dangerous Beauty"...really? Not much thought into any of this, at all. I don't see how this story can be considered romantic in any time period or context either, but hey if it rocks your boat.

Brett H (au) wrote: Holy crap, what a ridiculous action movie that has great stunts but far too much John Woo-isms. The excessive slow-mo, random insertion of doves, and the never-ending shower of sparks are so over-the-top you cringe more than cheer. Still, it was always intended to be a big, dumb action movie and the plot is surprisingly cool, but come on, a little realism wouldn't hurt.

Stacy S (es) wrote: Pretty good murder-mystery plot, not sure if I like the way it was narrated, but the cast is good and the plot is believable and realistic.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Barbet Schroeder's dominatrix masterpiece about a man who breaks into an apartment which turns out to be a dominatrix studio. Once inside he can't make himself leave and so he starts a relationship with the mistress. This film has aged surprisingly well Depardieu and Ogier are a perfect match which makes the film mesmerizing. Believe it or not but not for all tastes, as for anyone looking for the wildside if cinema, this is a true work of art.

Lee M (au) wrote: Dizdar humorously compares and contrasts extremes in economics and lifestyles and looks at the west through the eyes of an outsider.

Samantha S (br) wrote: Not as good as the original.

lachlan k (ru) wrote: If you take all the clichs of a cop drama and drop shit on them as successfully as done here yet still create a compelling storyline and likeable characters then you'll probably be arrested for copyright because this kind of comedy is a one of wonder that deserves not to be replicated.

Alexandria L (ag) wrote: This is actually a story about two sisters sticking together in a broken home, doing what they can to survive. It's solely told for their point of view and that can be something that doesn't sit right with everyone, but it will make you question your morals in the end. Though I found that Abigail Breslin's performance as the older sister Sandra faltered a bit, Georgie Henley shined in the role as the troubled younger sister Beth.

Logan M (jp) wrote: It might hit a little too close to home for some, but that might just be what it should be doing.