The Black Widow

The Black Widow

The Daily Clarion hires detective story writer Steve Colt to investigate the deaths of a group of scientists working on an atomic rocket development project. Behind the killings is fortune teller Sombra, a spy from an Asian country intent on world domination, who is determined to pilfer the atomic rocket by luring workers from the project to her parlor and killing them with black widow spider venom when they refuse to cooperate.

The Daily Clarion hires detective story writer Steve Colt to investigate the deaths of a group of scientists working on an atomic rocket development project. Behind the killings is fortune ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siddikha N (gb) wrote: luv paresh and rajpal!!!!

Heather M (nl) wrote: Liane Balaban is marvelous and Andrew McCarthy is delectable, but the movie never rose above being just kinda cute.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Another bleak portrayal of Andy Wharhol, slow but has a real punk-rock feel to it. Fine Performances by Lili Taylor and Jared Harris.

Greg W (au) wrote: romance italy who can ask for more?

Maico (br) wrote: Not the best Carry On film but not the worst either. Kenneth Williams is so funny as always.

Ole J (jp) wrote: Not as good as the first one, and dancing flicks are in great numbers these past years, what seperates this from the rest isn't that much. They have the clapping, the stomping and some very good moves all nicely mixed with some great sceneries and music themes.The story is allright, but it is kind of hanging a little and being pushed to the background and not in a good way, yes this film should be about the dancing, the rhythms, the moves etc. but it should have a good story to back it up all the way and this one didn't.I still liked it and it was entertaining, but it needed some finishing touches to reach the first one, or maybe the time for dance flicks has gone and if they do come they need to represent much more.

Ola G (nl) wrote: Set in the then-future of 1996, Harley Davidson (Mickey Rourke), a rough biker with a shady past learns that an old friend will lose his bar, because a bank wants to build a new skyscraper there and demands 2.5 million dollars for a new contract in advance. Harley meets up with his lifelong friend The Marlboro Man (Don Johnson), a rodeo cowboy living in the past and they decide to help the friend by robbing the corrupt bank and use the money for the new contract. However, after they robbed the bank's armoured car, they discover the cargo they stole is the designer drug "Crystal Dream", not money. Chance Wilder (Tom Sizemore), the president of the band is deeply involved in drug dealing, demands the return of the drugs. A series of increasingly deadly encounters ensue as heavily armed assassins goes on a hunt for Harley and Marlboro..."Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" was a critical and financial failure, earning only $7 million at the domestic box office (the budget was estimated at $23 million). It became a cult classic following its release to video. Several of the characters are named after well known products, Harley-Davidson (motorcycles), Marlboro (cigarettes), Virginia Slim (cigarettes), Jack Daniels (whiskey) and Ol' Grandad (whiskey). Mickey Rourke has said numerous times in interviews that he signed on to this film purely for monetary reasons, and this is part of what fueled his descent into self-loathing in the mid-'90s, after it made him "...feel like a sell-out." Theres several references in the film to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969); including trick shots by Marlboro, the sudden appearance of a "super-posse", the reference to Marlboro's hometown, and jumping from a great height into the water. I reckon the idea was to make an updated futuristic version of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", and the idea is partly there, but hardly reaches all the way. The storyline is thin, but I do think theres a humorous chemistry between Johnson and Rourke. The dialogue is sometimes strange and the action is a bit wobbly and ridiculous at times (the henchmen in long kevlar coats shooting Steyr AUG assault rifles with one hand.....). Despite this, its still an ok action movie in my eyes. Not wow, but not booh either.