The Blacks

The Blacks

War. A city under the siege. The truce has been recently signed, and the squad known as the 'Blacks', who used to do the dirty jobs, needs to be disbanded. Ivo, the squad commander who has lost three of his soldiers, prepares the action to retrieve their dead bodies from the forest and, despite the ceasefire, blow up the dam, thus causing a great damage to the enemy: The survived members of the squad, tortured by their personal doubts and guilt, move into action. On the battlefield, they find the enemy they are searching for is in the place they least expect - inside themselves.

Looking for the enemy, they found it where nobody expected - in themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (us) wrote: F**k you writers and directors Jason Friedberg, Aaron SeltzerF**k you Jenn ProskeF**k you Matt LanterF**k you Anneliese van der PolF**k you Matthew WarzelF**k you Chris RiggiF**k you Ken JeongF**k you sound mic guy or girlF**k everyone who took part in this god awful mess of a movieAnd a big F**k you to movie itself.

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Stacy V (br) wrote: Snippy is freakin hilarious!!!!

Eli C (kr) wrote: A spectacular ending to the first series in my favorite anime/manga franchise. The animation, acting (From both English and Japanese dubs), and action are all top-notch, far beyond the usual in the series. It was very entertaining, but I think Brotherhood is the bestest. Sorry, the original will always have a special place in my heart, but it can't touch the remake :).

Ema J (au) wrote: If I'm ever in the mood to watch something lighthearted and girlie (which is hardly ever) this is my "go to" movie. I don't mind watching it and it's not all that bad.

Maxwell K (br) wrote: This was actually a cute little movie with great performances by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro. I thought it was fun and touching and was pretty 90's.

Tucker S (es) wrote: Very quotable, especially from Gary Cole's performance as Lumbergh.

Benjamin S (nl) wrote: It's an ok entry into Queer Cinema, but sadly it is hard to watch. I prefer Beautiful Thing.

Mikhail B (ru) wrote: In another nutty professor movie Robin Williams madly in love with chemistry and slightly infatuated with Marcia Gay Harden, invents flying rubber, the so-called Flubber, that helps him shove off criminals and get rich after selling it to Ford Corporation. It's one of the first experiments with complicated computer imaging that doesn't look too good now.

Michael M (kr) wrote: This is a case of a movie that is better in concept than it is in execution. However, it's a great concept, and the execution is still pretty good. The raunchy and inherently silly world of porn presents a wellspring of comic opportunities, and it's really a shame more movies don't take advantage of that.Much of this movie is filled with stuff that on paper looks hilarious, but in execution is a bit lackluster. A lot of the jokes are pretty obvious, the type of thing where you can tell it's trying to make you laugh, but not in a manner that seems natural or organic to the film, just something that says "and here's a joke." Still, while it may not create huge guffaws, it's definitely filled with plenty of chuckles, and a handful of pretty big laughs.Trey Parker makes a wonderful leading man, proving to be likable and charming with some really enjoyable physical comedy. I actually wish he would do more live action movies, since a lot of the laughs I got from this thing were because of his very silly facial reactions.It's not a great movie by any means, but it's a very likable movie. It's a fun and silly way to spend an hour-and-a-half of your life. There's nothing mean-spirited or cynical about it, it's got an interesting and original concept, some very likable characters, and a spirit of silliness that is tough to resist.

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: Tarantino really inspired a generation of film makers didnt he? This film is a fun exercise of insaneness and depravity in an in your face Tarantino way. Zellweger makes her big lead actress debut and is very good as is Rory Cochrane as the insane nut job!A little too much with the violence is my major criticism.

Samuel V (us) wrote: always loved this movie

Kathryn V (mx) wrote: I love this movie it is to cute! and funny!

Dustin D (br) wrote: This is one of the great Japanese exploitation films of the '70s. It is stylistically amazing, but it is also thoroughly ridiculous. Thoroughly and stupidly entertaining.

Greg W (au) wrote: another good actioner and one of the Matt Helm series

Jason H (fr) wrote: has its moments.

Jack A (nl) wrote: Palo Alto is all eye candy and no substance, its only plot concerning stereotypical rebellious adolescents.

Ian L (jp) wrote: The stuff I watch at 3 in the morning !