The Blade Master

The Blade Master

Muscle-bound Ator and his mute East Asian sidekick travel from the ends of the earth to save his aged mentor from the evil, mustachioed Zor.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   spear,   murder,  

Muscle-bound Ator and his mute Asian sidekick travel from the ends of the Earth to save his aged mentor from the evil mustachioed Zor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan L (us) wrote: Not at all as funny as I thought a cast led my Mr David Alan Grier and directed by Tyler Perry would have been. Disappointed to say the least, it had its moments and a cast that seemed to work well together. I was thinking on the lines of "Guess Who" the late great Bernie Mac brought to life. Hated it!

Algitya P (kr) wrote: Whether it's arguable we should believe in fairies or not, Tinker Bell didn't taught us. she sprinkle a hope and the old-but-timeless resolution of us via Lizzie's. Think Positive.and "float" ^ ^.

Mark L (fr) wrote: Proof, if proof were needed, that the "wacky title = awful film" rule is very strong, and has very very few exceptions.

Denecia F (ca) wrote: Another Dead Presidents...

Melissa P (jp) wrote: Goody mix of documentary and biopic. The biopic scenes are clearly done in an exaggerated 50's style. It's pretty entertaining. I particularly like the character of 'Red' during the courtroom scenes. The white guy who thinks he's black on "Trailer Park Boys" is in it and does this over-the-type 50's hipster lingo. Once again, I think it's intentional corniness.

Olivier B (de) wrote: Like Lake Placid, it's a great Jaws parody but in a very suspensful way!

cli o (ag) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Mariano C (es) wrote: No llega a emocionar cuando lo intenta y mucho te tiene que gustar la pera para disfrutarla a tope. Un poco floja sin ser mala.

Breada M (es) wrote: ITS JUST OK BIT BORIN THO

Tawseef R (ag) wrote: It's one of the worst movies of my life!!!... please don't watch it; it's such a piece of crap!

Aaron H (au) wrote: I'm hungry, so this is the next movie that I want to re-visit.

JohnnyLee T (ru) wrote: What a lot of talent behind and in front of the camera, but it doesn't come across watching this uninvolving musical. Shirley tries really hard but the director let her down. If I see another zoom, dissolve or freeze frame I'll scream! As for the Big Spender number (which comes almost at the beginning when surely we should be anticipating it as a finale) the dancers were practically stationary throughout. Seemed like they were singing this wonderful number to an empty club, no audience, no atmosphere. Fosse went on to greater movies so maybe he learnt from this. (There was certainly more atmosphere in the Kit Kat Club in Cabaret).(My rating based on the fact I just couldn't re-watch this film the whole way through again in order to write this review - I did view it a few years back however and at the time of its original release. So my rating is a bit of a guesstimate, but pretty accurate I think)

Mike W (jp) wrote: Exclent all around family movie. Lots of great acting by the whole cast. Lillian Gish plays the seeming eccentric rich old lady does a fantastic role, drops the small towns folks jaws when she testifies in her defence in court.

Bryce I (es) wrote: While the film's indicates are slightly obvious, Buster Keaton's second feature is still a favourite of mine amongst the collection and dare I say, almost contests the ingenuity of Sherlock Jr. The characters are vibrant, the plot is hilarious and while the satire is dated, Keaton's slapstick is unique even amongst Chaplin and Lloyd's greatest work.

Isaac T (gb) wrote: One of my favorite films. It's got a very good plot and some great humor, courtesy of Tom Hanks, not to mention is recaps several historical moments in somewhat humorous ways. Also, the bench Gump sits on while he tells his story is in Savannah, Georgia. I've actually seen the bench before.