The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Oversized African-American, Michael Oher, the teen from across the tracks and a broken home, has nowhere to sleep at age 16. Taken in by an affluent Memphis couple, Michael embarks on a remarkable rise to play for the NFL.

Based on the true story of Michael "Big Mike" Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan A (ag) wrote: I watched it on the 6th German Movies Festival of the Goethe Institut of Los Angeles. Extremely good!.

Greg B (mx) wrote: It was an Ok movie, definitely nothing to brag about. However, after listening to the director's comments about squeezing time to make the movie, I believe at the most it deserves an average score.

AAAA A (it) wrote: This was probably one of the worst movies I've seen so far, but I've never laughed this hard during a movie in a long while....

Jesper S (nl) wrote: haha hvor er den ringe. lavprisprojekt med streg under lavpris. Tror man har fundet skuespillerne p gaden!. Hold jer lang langt fra dette latterlige stykke markvrk.

John C (nl) wrote: I was looking for this documentary for years, and finally I downloaded it from Ares. It is very impressive and sensitive about the gay subject. There are so many aspects of our past that new generations -and even us- dont know. It is a must-see-film.

valerie s (us) wrote: that's cool my dad's in part of this one :D

Artur C (gb) wrote: Dario Argento no me agrada muito, mas esses suspense policial (C) bem mais interessante que a maioria de seus filmes, al (C)m de ter uma das mortes mais impressionantes por atropelamento de trem que eu j vi no cinema.

Michele B (br) wrote: IT WAS AWFUL!!! Rich white family from the United States on vacation in Egypt. Natural (?) disaster occurs. The script drove me nuts, the acting wasn't much better!!! AAARRRRGGGG!!!!

Todd S (kr) wrote: 1992, small time thugs Thomas and Rosie Uva are tired of knocking over convience stores for peanuts, so one night they come up with an idea, a crazy idea. While scouting locations, Thomas accidentally stumbled upon a mafia owned bar and realized, there's a whole lot of money there and not much protection. For the next year, the duo ripped off the mob without consequence, until they took something that made them both the biggest targets in New York. This is another unbelievably true story, that has been brought to the big screen and the public eye, because of our on-going fascination with organized crime. Mafia movies do so well at the box office, that writers are scrambling to find any story they can turn into a film and it's the audience that has benefited the most. Some people say these movies glorify crime, and maybe they do, but to me, anything Mafia related is just fascinating. Watching these films and hearing these stories, you think how could that have happened? Then you go to Wikipedia and find out it's all true! Rob The Mob is the latest in a bunch of these little known Mafia stories to hit the big screen and it does not disappoint. Who plays a Mafia don better than Andy Garcia? Add to that the intense, Michael Pitt, straight off a successful run in Boardwalk Empire, and you have the makings of a terrific cast. The bottom line, Rob The Mob isn't Goodfellas, but it's a hell of a story, with a cast that's experienced in these types of films. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a Mafia movie, but if your like me, that doesn't matter much, it's the story and personalities that you're really interested in.

TheLords A (ca) wrote: Now when my mom said she and my brothers where going to watch this movie when I just came home from work a few hours ago, I eventually said I will too...I made a VERY good choice tonight. Plot: We start off with a boy playing with his toys. But then a bomb goes off scaring the boy but is rescued and taken to an Amphitheatre where we enter the story of Titus. Titus has just come home from a won battle at the cost of 21 of his sons. During this war, he also took the Queen of Goths, Tamora, her secret lover Aaron the Moor, and her three sons, and despite the queen's pleas, he sacrifices one of her sons during his sons' funerals. Later the emperor of Rome dies and so the people squabble over who will succeed him. The people choose Titus but he declines and so one of the emperor's sons, Saturninus becomes the next emperor. Eventually, Satuninus marries Tamora who secretly vows revenge against Titus. Later, Tamora's remaining sons Chiron and Demetrius reveal that they lust over Titus' daughter Lavinia. So Aaron devises a plan where with the help of Tamora, they kill Lavinia's husband, rape her, and frame two of Titus' sons for murdering her husband. To top it all, Chiron and Demtrius also cut off Lavinia's tongue and hands so she can't reveal who did all of this to her. When Titus finds out, he vows vengeance on whoever was responsible for what happened. In terms of story, this movie was very, very dark. I mean it gets bigger than what I said about the plot as the movie goes on. The visual design is where the movie becomes amazing but just as messed up. They keep throwing in locations, costumes and imagery from various periods and a lot of them just happen out of the blue. But it's not just artsy. Because the story all around to me was very complex in a very well done way. I mean it was dark, but it also had its funny moments, clever moments or just use of choreography and things like that to display the story that just were really well done. Actors/Characters: Anthony Hopkins/Titus: What do I have to say? It's Anthony Hopkins. He gave us this amazing complex character that's getting driven almost completely made at some points, over his desire for revenge and for everything that is happening to them. Titus is a sad yet entertaining character and Hopkins really pulled it off. Harry Lennix/Aaron the Moor: Good grief this guy was evil. I mean as the movie went on, this guy kept on shocking me on how he's twisted, clever, despicable, cold-hearted, and how to top it all, never regretted a shred of it up to the very end. At the end of the day, Lennix gave a villain that I could hardly stand at the fact that he truly was that evil. Osheen Jones/Young Lucius: I liked how he started off as just being some kid that's observing all these events while turning out to have a part in it. And I really liked how that changed with the part where he killed that fly and then all of the sudden he's an actual character while we find out all of the sudden with his dialogue with Hopkins that follows. Music: Just as messed up and the movie itself. I mean one moment you're listening to some normal dramatic music, the next you might hear punk rock or something like that. Editing: I liked a lot of the editing. There wasn't any cuts or transitions that really stood out, but I think they displayed the story with the editing very well. And that's my review for Titus. Out of the Shakespeare play, we get an awesome movie with wonderful acting, amazing visual effects, and a story that just messes you up.