The Blonde Witch

The Blonde Witch

Brulard, a French civil engineer on assignment in Sweden for a lumber company meets Ina, a local nature-girl type, falls in love, has an affair, tries to convert her to "civilization", but ends up getting her killed by superstitious villagers instead.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1956
  • Language:French,Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   love,  

Brulard, a French civil engineer on assignment in Sweden for a lumber company meets Ina, a local nature-girl type, falls in love, has an affair, tries to convert her to "civilization", but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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john q (ca) wrote: interesting for tennis fans. im not one.

Kyle G (jp) wrote: And I will never watch another Asylum comedy again

gap l (fr) wrote: Excellent natural acting (all actors/actress), it is not cheesy.I had very low expectation before watching it.This movie is the same genre as Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller type.I love to see more of this office situation movie.

Matthew G (ag) wrote: It it is not even remotly funny. This movie made me fall asleep because it bored me to tears. I reccomend not even thinking about this crap shack movie. BORRRIIINNNGGG!!!

Alexander Z (kr) wrote: I avoided this remake for a long time due to Disney live action films being mostly terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised. Once again, it's lamentable to see a young Lohan acting well, knowing the spiral she would take, and Jamie Lee Curtis did a great job with yes, admittedly lazy material. But, there's nothing particularly bad about this movie at all. It's enjoyable, interesting, and the characters are actually relatively complex with clear motives. That's all I could ask for in an age where movies have been far, far dumber. Would I recommend this instead of a host of better films? No. However, if you're considering watching it, go right ahead. You could do way worse.

Jason B (ag) wrote: A unique and delightful movie from the great "Beat" Takeshi. Check it out.

James R (de) wrote: A similar role of "the loser" played by Mickey Rourke, (loved the wrestler,) and a pretty good story and acting throughout.

Edwher K (ag) wrote: 0%!?!?!?!?!! the morphine the better... that line alone is worth a 20% jump. an honestly I am a bit dissapointed with the audience rating. its obviously not for critics but hell a 0%?!?!?! and a 46%!?!? its at least a 75% audience

Rachel Q (mx) wrote: Really really good film

Armando P (kr) wrote: No words to describe how well are both Arnold and Robert portraying their respective characters.

Lina A (es) wrote: a Kieslowski`s short film about passion , morals , obsessions and consequences of every decision we make

Anthony K (gb) wrote: Definitely a retread of the original, except with a looser plot structure, and a little lacking in the 'grit' department. What makes Rocky II work, for the most part, is another series of great performances from Stallone, Weathers, and Meredith, as well as a sweetly human love story angle that worked so well at anchoring the original. You just can't help but cheer when *spoilers* Balboa prevails, and that is a sign of good dramatic film making.

K D (br) wrote: Interesting story and role for Joan Crawford, but at the same time, Joan was perfect for the disguised "born again" woman. I really liked Fredric March in this one, his character seemed to give the movie its emotional moments. Great supporting cast, lead by Rita Hayworth and Ruth Hussey, and the first half of the movie really relies on those supporting roles and they didn't disappoint.

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Paul A (de) wrote: The action is the best part of the movie

Adam C (mx) wrote: it was pretty good but not amazing