The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros

A 12-year-old gay who comes from a criminal family falls in love with a handsome policeman.

A young boy falls in love with a handsome policeman who is investigating his family's criminal activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sharon J (kr) wrote: The worst movie I ever saw. Negative 10 stars. Unbelieveable, who could have made up crap like this.

Helen B (kr) wrote: WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FILM! ;-)

Angel S (es) wrote: LMFAO soooooo funny you just got to see it

William L (kr) wrote: Thanks for the dubbing artists, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Louis Koo etc...they totally "changed" the movie into a comedy. I laughed all the night when I was enjoying the film! Who said good movie needs a good plot?

The O (us) wrote: a good horror/sci-fi film from my childhood days that i had been planning to rewatch

Jeffrey L (es) wrote: After a brief career break following Kate & Leopold, Meg Ryan returns to the big screen in one of her very few...thrillers! In the Cut is a slick thriller with first rate performances and plot turns galore. Fans of the stars (especially Ryan and Mark Ruffalo) may object to seeing them in a dark movie like this, yet many should consider it one of the better thrillers on the rental shelf.Ryan steps aside from her "sweet girl" routine to play Frannie, an English teacher and writer in a grim high school in Manhattan's lower side. Torn with teaching difficult teens and several loose ends of her own, her situation becomes even more tedious when she becomes involved romantically with a hunky detective hot on the trail of a serial killer. A witness to a dirty act seeming to involve the same perpetrator, she becomes compelled to risk her own safety and grows instantly flirtatious with not only him, but other men who come into the picture (she is a bit slutty, actually). But will her knowledge and bravery lead to the end of this sicko and the gruesome murders, which claimed the life of her best friend and possibly others to come?This kind of story is awfully tough to take and could use some work in the storytelling department, though it certainly is compelling, nevertheless and is performed with expertise by the whole cast. The steamy sex scenes may be considered a highlight for some perverted viewers and reveal several full frontal nude shots of the leads...though only the unrated version on DVD contains most of this. Based on a novel and directed by Jane Campion, who appears in a cameo as a waitress. Nicole Kidman originally was going to play the lead, but decided to co-produce instead. Look for Kevin Bacon in an unbilled role.

Pablo P (jp) wrote: A truly remarkable movie, with a touching end sure to make tears come out of you.

Konrad A (es) wrote: Penguin makes a very good villain in this movie I like how he hides in the sewers and he has live Penguins with him he is pretty creepy Danny Devito that played penguin was good. Cat woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer was a good villain she was quite an acrobat on her fighting skills and doing backflips. If your a fan of bat man check this out!My favorite line Is when Penguin is coming through the sewers on his duck boat with his umbrella witch is a gun, and said, My babies did you miss me oh did you miss me!! Great speech Oswald. Penguin pushes his partner with an (umbrella) yelling. My name is not Oswald!!! It's Penguin!!! I'm not a human being I'm an animal!! Cold blooded!!! Crank the AC!! where are my lists? Give me the names it's time!! These are the name of the first born sons of Gotham City. Just like I was. And like me terrible fate awaits them. ( he passes out lists ) and to night while their parents party they'll be dreaming away in there safe cribs and there soft beds. We will snatch them Carry them in the sewer!! And toss them into a deep dark watery grave!! Penguin? Henchman said, I mean killing sleeping children isn't that a little uh". (penguin shoots his own person named Henchman, with a umbrella) No it's a lot!! ( Penguin kicks his Henchman"s Dead body in the water)

Nancy S (it) wrote: Good movie! Tom Selleck and westerns.....good combo!

John C (fr) wrote: Befitting and preposterous, "Branded To Kill" is a movie so violent, funny, and ahead of its time that the director was fired for breaking the cycle of restrained, joyless "thrillers" of the 60's.

Tim F (mx) wrote: I love submarine movies, and I caught part of this one for the first time the other day on TCM. Unfortunately, had to leave before the end (but I'm pretty sure I can predict the ending). Nice cast, and better than average plotline on this one.

Richard R (kr) wrote: A Great New York movie that I can relate to.