The Blue

The Blue

In 1939 France, Léa, the daughter of a rich wine grower in Bordeaux, sees her adored childhood sweetheart married to his namby-pamby cousin. Léa has lovers but never stops carrying the torch for Laurent. Be it while tending pregnant Camille during Laurent's service at the front, holding down the family estate of Montillac where Germans are billeted, or cycling through occupied checkpoints with messages for the Résistance movement...

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Mike L (fr) wrote: A pretty funny idea actually, it just wasn't done well. A guy who was aborted with a hanger...and survived. Creative. The guy they tried to age 18 yrs had such a bad "aged" make up job and was such a bad actor, like a lot of them to the point that it was just embarrassing. It was like a different world with some weird characters and was worth a watch even just for entertaining cheese value. Just don't expect much more than a cheap rip off of Frankenstein.

Michael H (it) wrote: Drugs are boring but funny and/or exciting movies can be made about people trying to find, hide, or get rid of drugs. With the amazing talents of Rhys Ifans, David Thewlis, Crispin Glover, and Chloe Sevigny this must be one of those funny and/or exciting movies.It isn't.

Trkler O (nl) wrote: promessa? promessa! damlina bu senin iin (=


Sarah H (br) wrote: I think the funniest scene is in the begining, and involves roadkill. It was pretty funny at least. Although I don't see William H. Macey as gay...or Ron Perlman for that matter. Don't worry I didn't ruin anything that was obvious. At least it was funny and the pagent thing was cute.

Navi D (ag) wrote: Really good movie. tells a story of the love between brothers

Gregory M (mx) wrote: It was beautiful,it was raw,it was powerful,it was thought-provoking.I loved it and it ruined me!

Dillon L (nl) wrote: not bad has some really funny parts in it

Sean H (us) wrote: Had a few questionable acting moments, but its watchable if for nothing else Peter Lorre.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 87%Watched this on 13/12/16A gripping story of a time of religious bigotry, dogma and all forms of vices that assault the common sense, a time where enlightenment is absent and people blinded by whatever that is not the truth. The film is realistic portrayal of all the things that are wrong about religions and it's effect still reverberates to the modern day. Amenabar does a good work and his cast is mostly good. Those who criticize this film over flimsy reason do so simply because of their staunch believes like the many antagonistic mobs in the film.

Carlos T (ag) wrote: Strong start; weak end.

Michael W (es) wrote: Hammy and Cheesy all in one! High-octane, intense action,violence, babes, pretty boys, and surfing. All the pillars of a good story, which should be part of the English literature curriculum. Surfers find it more bitchin' to rob banks than work. Gnarly Keanu Reeves (agent Utah) tries to take down Patrick Swayze (Bodhi)'s crew. Over the top stunts, with tongue and cheek over the top acting mixes well enough to pull off an entertaining movie. Swayze's presence makes Point Break bodacious. 3 stars.