The Blue Dahlia

The Blue Dahlia

This film noir stars Alan Ladd as a war veteran framed for the murder of his own wife and follows his search for the real murderer. Veronica Lake plays the sultry femme fatale who provides unexpected help.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   blackmail,   police,  

An ex-bomber pilot is suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nuno H (it) wrote: Vejam este filme. Agora.

Anthony T (au) wrote: The only thing that was remotely decent in this film was the chemistry between Adam Scott and Lizzy Caplan, which was thanks to them working together on the show Party Down. This was not funny at all, half the characters were on coke the entire film and overall I just felt like an idiot for even wasting my time watching this garbage.

Julie Z (mx) wrote: A grp of friends dealing with a friend who was in an accident...and what happens as they go on vacation...while their friend is in the hits and misses...has some good "heart-felt" moments...

Co P (ru) wrote: The setup is perfect and the idea is charming and intriguing. Ponyo is more than our Little Mermaid of fairytale fame - she's determined, powerful and kind of sweet in a weird, yelling, blobby sort of way. However she suffers from the usual Ghibli flaw - the weak final act where the tone settles down and never manages to pick up again. Character motivations dwindle and suddenly very little makes sense but everyone seems to be ok with it. Also, while the environmental message is not without credit, it's ineffective and heavy handed to the point of preachy coming from one character only. Mononoke-Hime did a much better job.

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Rich M (kr) wrote: I cannot recommend this movie highly enough. It's deeply weird, twisted, darkly funny and pretty much all around great. It's on Netflix instant watch, and i suggest you go watch it right now. Also, Steve & Jon, it's got Terry O'Quinn!

Don S (ru) wrote: One of the lamest sci-fi movies I've seen. A mild-mannered teacher wears a ring left to him by his father and transports to another world, Gor, where medieval times prevail. He must become a fierce warrior to save the village he was welcomed into. Ho, hum. Rebecca Ferratti is the best set piece in the movie.

Evan M (au) wrote: An 80's goofball comedy disguised as a horror film. It feels like something more placed in the Police Academy area then in the horror genre. With some very weird characters and the standard horror movie tropes, this film is only worth Netflix late night viewings.

Dave W (nl) wrote: Hadn't heard of this prior to Optimums re-issue of it - and it really was like discovering a hidden gem. Peter Boyle is fantastic (as always)

Jason M (ag) wrote: Stay away from this one. It's not even remotely funny. The comedy is poorly executed and never delivers. How the hell did this even get made in the first place?