The Blue Iguana

The Blue Iguana

The IRS sends Recovery Specialist Vince Holloway south of the border to the dangerous town of Diablo to rob the outlaw bank where criminals launder their cash.

Two overzealous psychopathic US tax collectors blackmail bounty hunter Vince Holloway into stopping an illegal transfer of 20 Mio. dollars from a Mexican tax paradise into the USA. So he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank P (de) wrote: Waste of film and waste of breath

Jim S (gb) wrote: I rented it from Redbox. I want my $1.31 and 1hour, 41 minutes back.

Jesse W (de) wrote: About just as good as it's predecessor, this fifth chapter has many similar ups and downs compared to it. However, the plot does reveal a few very interesting twists at times, while at the same time, making the previous installment pointless with some events. Also, guess what? Go here, fight zombies, go there, fight the military this time, go in a building, fight more zombies, exit the building, fight more military.

David C (kr) wrote: Whatever you think you know about the life of this Director, this documentary will be eye opening... from his life and background to his tragedies and mistakes... to the failure of the American Justice System. This is a fascinating portrait of a misunderstood genius and criminal.

Alex C (de) wrote: Ingal et dstabilisant. Par moments, le film des scnes tout simplement sublimes et d'autres compltement dnu de sens. Le jeu de certains acteurs parat forc ( elle qui fait l'amie de Marie-jose Croze est un bon exemple). La ralisation et la photographie est trs belle. Certains Jutra ont t mrits mais pas celui de meilleur film.

Edmund G (ag) wrote: Southern, Gothic Tragedy. Excellent.

Bryce B (es) wrote: A great story brought to life with wonderful acting, detailed sets, and practical special effects.

Martin D (de) wrote: It, s an crazy movie about some relatives to a old man Played by Kirk Douglas, How far would you go for money these people do everything just to satisfy the old man .. but thing got out of control and you Nerves expect what to happen ...The greedy relatives Carl McTeague (Ed Begley, Jr.), Ed (Bob Balaban) and Frank (Phil Hartman) among others of a wealthy, wheelchair-using scrap-metal tycoon, Uncle Joe McTeague (Kirk Douglas), continually suck up to him to inherit his millions. With their attempts constantly failing and irritable Uncle Joe showing a decided interest in his new "nurse" (Olivia d'Abo), the family decides to bring in Daniel (who turned his back on the family years ago) believing if they can make up, Uncle Joe will thaw towards them.Instead of finding Daniel, they find his son Danny (Michael J. Fox), of whom Uncle Joe had always been especially fond. Professional bowler Danny left the family with his father, but he accepts the cousins' invitation to return-after rolling a gutter ball in a big tournament and finding out that he has a pre-arthritic condition developing in his wrist.Danny's television sports producer girlfriend Robin (Nancy Travis) encourages him to ask Uncle Joe for a loan to invest in a bowling alley. A typically rude and crude Joe says he will lend the money only if Danny sides with him against his own father. Danny is offended; but he begins to compete for Uncle Joe's money if only to keep it out of the hands of "nurse" Molly and the greedy relatives.In the end, Uncle Joe agrees to leave everything to Danny only to reveal that he is actually swimming in debt. He simply needed to find out "who really loves me." Danny and Robin agree to take care of him from now on, but Uncle Joe has another surprise or two in store for them.

Private U (jp) wrote: Intense & thought-provoking, and it was my first (& v. happy) introduction to the talent that is Alan Rickman.

Sean C (us) wrote: The first 1/3 was actually funny at times. The rest was a bore.

Darryl C (gb) wrote: one of those great all star outings from hollywood's twilight. my only criticism of this film is the slipshod design elements. only signoret and leigh try to look like it's 1933. the others are making no effort whatsoever and they look ludicrous. even the men--except for jose ferrer have 1960s hair and contemporary suits. but this novel, which is not an easy read, is wrestled into a dramatic, manageable screenplay by abby mann. and leigh, signoret, marvin, werner and ferrer are their usual splendid selves in roles that are representative of their respective talents.

Kat S (gb) wrote: I love this movie!!!!! It is soooooo good. The songs are the best!!!

Micah B (de) wrote: I'm sure no one will waste their time with this movie. I assume the name was inspired by someone within the Jewish culture, if not, we'll have to endure the media getting away with some pretty disgusting movies.

JJ J (mx) wrote: Took a while to see the point.

Facebook U (mx) wrote: The very sweet and beautiful Katherine plays a bit goofy a chasseur de prime in need of help and of a guy. The film is not serious and not all that funny either. I would classify it a tv movie. Some good moments though.

Raine L (au) wrote: Another of my favorite films. Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon (my teen idol - what happened to him? he used to be so cute), and Kevin Bacon!

Kurt B (de) wrote: Although pale in comparison to the novel, and vague regarding the war itself, this is an adequate adaptation in the light of when it was made.