The Blue Lamp

The Blue Lamp

P.C. George Dixon (Warner) a long-serving traditional "copper" who is due to retire shortly, takes a new recruit, Andy Mitchell (Hanley), under his aegis, introducing him to the easy-going night beat. Dixon is a classic Ealing 'ordinary' hero, but also anachronistic, unprepared and unable to answer the violence of Tom Riley (Bogarde). Called to the scene of a robbery at a local cinema, Dixon finds himself face-to-face with Riley, a desperate youth armed with a revolver. Dixon initially tries to talk Riley into surrendering the weapon, but Riley panics and fires. Dixon walks to his own death almost uncomprehending. Dixon is taken to hospital, but dies some hours later. The ending is another Ealing quirk, with ordinary decent society, including 'professional' criminals used to violence, banding together to track down and catch the murderer, who is trapped in the crowd at White City greyhound track in west London. To Andy Mitchell falls the honour of arresting Riley.

The daily routine of two London policemen is interrupted by a killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Helen E (ru) wrote: Better than I expected actually for this type of film. Really quite funny, not too taxing on the brain =)

Ricardo H (br) wrote: Another low-budget gay film with semi-okay acting but a really, really bad plot (Houston Rhines is a hottie, though)

James L (ca) wrote: great story. the kids work very hard and the teacher shows how much she cares.

Kate M (it) wrote: Very nice and simple comedy about two stupid childish girls turning into respinsible family business supporters. Fairy tale, but still, very nice.

Bheema D (nl) wrote: It takes a lot of talent from the actors, directors and writers to make a movie where the family is just as irritable and lovable as a real family.

Zachary G (ru) wrote: this was supposed to be crazy violent and controversial.. well its not and it sucks.. but the main characters performance is hilarious.. definetely worth several laughs.

Taba H (nl) wrote: Viinan syovyttamilla kasvoillaan pseudonaytteleva Damme alkaa olla aika jaykassa kunnossa, pohottyneen aijan kiertarit ovat lahinna editoituja tata nykya ja muiden actionveteraanien tapaan leffojen taso on helvetin huono, tassakaan tekeleessa ei ole yhtaan mitaan, mika puhuisi edes itsenaisen toimintaelokuvan puolesta...

Jordan V (kr) wrote: Thornton could have done so much more considering his cast and his source material from McCarthy.

Kelly K (mx) wrote: After a doctor leaves his first wife with a mysterious illness and his second one dies without any explanation, there is cause to suspect that he may be behind both their sicknesses. With his third marriage in the works, his first wife is determined to stop him before he strikes again.

Zade T (de) wrote: It's got Aamir Khan so how can it be bad eh? + Urmila holds her own is the stellar dance classic.

Lilian W (es) wrote: Just as he knows how to create a haunting dream, Angelopolous knows how to weave a haunting reality!! Simple, beautiful and another masterpiece by this Greek Artist

Jeremiah C (au) wrote: It's a film that makes a dog look "Inspirational", only knowing that its really about "Life" and "Togetherness".

Bill B (es) wrote: I wasn't as sold on this one as the other Hope stuff I've seen recently, but it has a few moments that made me laugh. Otherwise, a lot of it felt like I was literally watching someone make a Bob Hope travelogue.Definitely something worth a peep on cable, but may not be worth tracking down for a rental unless you're a bigger fan than I appear to be.

Ben H (kr) wrote: Classic Hammer Horror movie, especially if you throw a young Oliver Reed into the mix. Forgotten how much I love this film =] Going to have to watch more now!

Tiffany B (ag) wrote: This was a decent movie I would watch this on a rainy day

Mark P (es) wrote: The "How it was made" bonus feature was better than the actual film.

TheRantingAnchor R (jp) wrote: Very bad. Not quite unwatchable thanks to Neil Patrick Harris, but still pretty bad.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: This film had one of the best screenplays ever created. The casting for this film was perfect and the director was good. I would The Big Short a 10/10

Jacopo G (nl) wrote: Finally seen this classic. Worth waiting ;) Another good Stephen King.