The Bodyguard 2

The Bodyguard 2

The best agent of Vieng, the country near the boundary of Thailand received the important mission that he had to catch two armed dealers who could be the dangerous for his country.

The best agent of Vieng, the country near the boundary of Thailand received the important mission that he had to catch two armed dealers who could be the dangerous for his country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (gb) wrote: Supporting Characters is entertaining enough and it does remind me of Woody Allen films (though minus the charm). It is the type of film that many people will love and others will hate. Supporting Characters is not really plot-driven nor is it episodic but somewhere in-between and at the end it fades out. Characters themselves have a smugness that will irritate some viewers though I find it tolerable (it is how people are). The main strength is wittiness/cleverness of the dialogue. It's uneven but the positives outweighs the negatives and overall the film works for me.

steven s (au) wrote: funny movie... simular to the hangover just not as hyped.

(es) wrote: Intense arguments between limited action scenes, a slightly rushed but nice variety of characters, a few inconsistencies, good plot twists, a lot of food for thought. Somebody should take the core concepts and turn them into a series. Please?

Scott P (us) wrote: This was an EXCELLENT movie. The tension builds at just the right pace, and the four leads do an excellent job at conveying the disintegration of trust while battling the elements. HIGHLY recommended!!?

Mudi H (ca) wrote: love is bittersweet indeed.

Michael P (it) wrote: its jackass what more can i say

Ruthie R (kr) wrote: All the stars are for the dog, Primo, in this, quality acting pup, such a good doggee. And at least there's lots of showing of the werewolf and it's not terrible (it is terrible, but for werewolf standards, it's not).

pete 1 (kr) wrote: ok comedy film,some funny moments great cast dudley moore was such a comedy legend

Andreas C (gb) wrote: I learned how to spray paint the other day, and I would have loved to be a graffiti artist, back in the hay-day! This captures things nicely, I hear, and it's from PBS?!?!?

Stephen M (ag) wrote: Though Magic scores no points for originality - old hat even then, the theme of a ventriloquist's personality being taken over by that of his dummy had been perfected over 30 years earlier in a segment of the Ealing portmanteau Dead of Night, starring Michael Redgrave, and had been recycled not once but twice since in different episodes of The Twilight Zone - it's still a well-crafted and solidly entertaining minor horror movie. If I'm honest, Anthony Hopkins has a tendency to overplay at times but Ann-Margret and Burgess Meredith offer excellent support.

Fred V (es) wrote: The Savages is a well-made movie. Although a bit boring, the movie does show the predominant, important struggles of dealing with very old people in a realistic, painful way. It made me think about how I want to become old or how I would be handling my loved ones later on in life. This was good. Although I feel a film should give a viewer more entertainment value, this well made & thoughtprovoking film deserves three and a half stars.

Luc L (ca) wrote: Well made but overlong and boring.

Sma A (de) wrote: Very good if you can relate to the life of a junkie.

Steven I (mx) wrote: a powerful telling of a genius who brought people together through his music and vision, a documentary which is full of insight and new tellings of the life of one of the most brilliant minds in our generation

Arpan M (ca) wrote: poor film with some terribly executed action sequences, very cheap visual effects, unnecessary shaky camera work. the movie sucks.

Steven E (ca) wrote: My brief opinion is that this well made film by Pascal Laugier showed he has the ability, as a director, to deliver the unquenchable. Anyone who actually 'enjoyed' this film should see a therapist. But those few, like myself, who watched it and questioned how anyone could vindicate the brutal torture of a young woman can appreciate the skill in the film making present. I will never watch this film again but I will watch out for Pascal's next film, which will hopefully be as bloody but more watchable.