The Bofors Gun

The Bofors Gun

A national service NCO (David Warner) who comes face to face with an embittered Irish Gunner (Nicol Williamson) who is determined to humiliate him.

A national service NCO (David Warner) who comes face to face with an embittered Irish Gunner (Nicol Williamson) who is determined to humiliate him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pablo L (nl) wrote: The chemistry between RDJ and Jude Law is still better than the other Sherlock-Watson pairings on TV, and it helps the movie becasuse this isn't an origin story, but an arc that is one of the most interesting from the books. I'm glad I watched it.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: While uneven at times and the script could use a little work, This Is the End's gleefully profane humour and hilarious performances from its 6 primary cast members as fictional versions of themselves (as well as some random cameos most notably from Emma Watson and Rihanna) help make this another entertaining film from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

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Nico S (ru) wrote: It's a pretty by-the-books murder mystery in some places, but little bits an spices here and there show a little more to the plot and it all unravels in the end. Sean Penn really encapsulates the raw emotion of a grieving father and a ruthless criminal and Tim Robbins tragically portrays a man who never got over his past.

Claudia D (it) wrote: "I read a book that was written in the 11th century. A man said that there was five steps toward making amends. The first involved acknowledging what you did. The second involved remorse. The third involved making right with your neighbor. Like if you stole his chicken, you'd have to go and bring him another. Only then were you able to go to step four, which was making it right with God. But it wasn't until step five that you could really get redeemed. It had to do with being at the same place and the same situation. That as it goes, you'd go and do something different. Only I can't bring Abner Easily back like he was some stolen chicken. Certainly made sure of that 23 years ago. And I don't believe in some God that's gonna open His arms to me even if I did. So there goes steps three and four. And as for step five, time makes sure we're never in the same place twice, no matter how much we wish it. Which is why, for me, I know I'll never be redeemed." This is yet another amazing Billy Bob Thornton film. I can understand some people don't like movies like this.. maybe it's a bit slow at times for some people, but I enjoy watching drama films like this. And this was very interesting to watch, believable and definitely worth seeing. In this film Billy Bob Thornton is Manuel Jordan, who has just been released from prison for murder. He finds the sister of the boy, seeking forgiveness, but it is harder than he thinks to come out and say it to her. He becomes involved with a preacher and his community house, helping a young girl who Manuel believes is throwing her life away drinking and dancing at the night club across the road. But beneath this unique story is some beautiful feel-good moments, as well as some situations no one would like to be in themselves. Billy Bob again delivered a stunning performance, I find it hard to imagine anyone else playing his character as well as he did. Morgan Freeman was also part of this outstanding cast, he was great for his role. Holly Hunter was also exceptional, as well as others like Kirsten Dunst. With a cast like this it's hard to imagine things to go wrong. I recommend everyone to see this and decide for themselves whether or not they enjoyed watching it. It's a brilliant movie, an amazing cast and a strong and memorable story.

Saskia D (kr) wrote: Not a movie I would recommend, but if you have nothing to do on a saturday evening and it's on TV.. Why not?(The dresses are hideous).

Daniel S (br) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever made.

Steve G (de) wrote: Candyman 2 adds some interesting backstory to the saga but the acting is pretty weak and the movie overall is not scary.

Justin R (br) wrote: Terrible follow up to "Purple Rain"

Jason S (au) wrote: Some of the children have grown into the people you expected. Some have not. I found it interesting how when they talked about the film series they discussed to pointless nature of it. I think they thought about it too hard. The point is to see the unpredictability of life and how we are not really in control of our futures. They also talk about how they are judged by what is shown on the film and not by all the things they did to get there. I say what they answer the questions with shows us more about them than seeing what they do every step of the day.So far this is an excellent series. We are still seeing these people from a time that has long passed and I look forward to seeing how they change as the world goes into fast forward in tech and thinking.

Scott J (ag) wrote: Forty plus years later, and we're still very close to something like this happening.

Tom B (jp) wrote: Tough movie. 1955. True story. Vice in the deep south. Tone and style a perfect model for Mississippi Burning and equally lacerating. Amazing to see filmmakers whose eyes are open, looking hard, being as true as possible. There are elements that are almost unwatchable without feeling a certain queasiness, and other moments of utter dignity, people going beyond. Long newsreel opening interviews actual people involved in story. An excellent x-ray of Alabama life, lots of street footage, crowds, signs, shops. Haunting cinematography, shocking story, solid acting. One element that stands out is the remarkable certainty that the interviewer and apparently the filmmakers have in knowing the difference between good and evil men. These concepts for many of us no longer apply. Dark deeds these days come from twisted psyches, themselves wounded. It's fascinating to see an assessment of individuals in this kind of specific context. Beyond that the facts are as sharp as the drama, and more than once comparison with the men controlling the gambling and vice in Phenix City are compared to the Nazis, specifically, the fight at home compared to the fight in Germany, and one of the main characters involved in the fight, a lawyer, has recently returned from the Nuremberg trials. This kind of comparison is stunning the more I think about it, a kind of "we've beaten the Nazis in Germany, now it's time to clean up America." You don't see that stated so clearly in American film everyday, especially not from the fifties. Implied, yes. Stated outright? The legacy of passionate filmmaking is never-ending and rich. Great stuff.

Vadim D (us) wrote: It's hard to deny the chemistry between Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, but this film really lacks the weight of some of their others.

Tavis B (it) wrote: Almost as exciting as watching the pope himself fart around the Vatican.