The Book of Life

The Book of Life

The end of the millenium has taken on a certain significance in modern day prophecies. What happens if Jesus Christ has second thoughts about the Apocalypse? It is December 31, 1999 and New Year's Eve takes on new meaning when the Devil, Jesus Christ, and Christ's assistant Magdelina discuss and debate the end of the world, the opening of the seven seals, and the essence of being human.

The end of the millenium has taken on a certain significance in modern day prophecies. What happens if Jesus Christ has second thoughts about the Apocalypse? It is December 31, 1999 and New... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aritra20 R (it) wrote: Movie is enjoyable. Lacks narrative but final half hour is very good

Clint S (ru) wrote: Dark movie, real feelings, well done.

Jay M (nl) wrote: "The plot was simplistic, & most likely predictable for a viewer that tries to predict a movie; but bored I was not. A thumb up from me."Driven by fear Abigail Clayton would rather live completely alone then be used & abused as a pawn; only child & heiress to her father's fortune & empire she escapes the eyes of the world on her eighteenth birthday by going into complete reclusiveness in one of Manhattans richest sides of town. Shortly after the death of her elderly neighbor her time of remaining that way will be coming to an end.

Thor E (ca) wrote: A wonder look into the life of George Harrison.

Stephen A (us) wrote: I wanted to like this movie so bad, but i just couldn't. The script was choppy, and in consequence the acting was a little lax. I didn't get some of the story at all as the characters were not very realistic. There were some moments where I would sit and think "Yay, it's going to get good and straighten the bad bits out now!" but it just didn't do it. A rewrite of this script is dire, because the story has huge potential, but for now, this was just BAD.

Mark W (nl) wrote: a comprehensive documentary that is both unflinchingly honest and critically astute, Lake of Fire easily trumps Tony Kaye's previous known effort (American History X).

Jessica T (au) wrote: I watched this movie with my then-boyfriend, thinking we'd have a fun night with a corky dark comedy. I say "then-boyfriend" because we aren't together anymore. I'm not saying that this movie ended our relationship, I'm just saying is that for a stretch of time we were dating, then one day we watched this movie, and now we're not dating. Whether or not this movie was the direct cause of our not dating anymore, I'm not sure. One thing is certain though, we did not have sex afterward.

C H (fr) wrote: "Um Jovem Em Apuros"Um daqueles filmes de adolescente americano na faculdade. Muito muito fraco, mas a trilha sonora muito legal.

Fong K (au) wrote: Four handheld cameras. Shot in one take and in real time for 97 minutes. The objects of the cameras intersect the quarters of the screen and the actors have to improvise throughout, working only along the outline of a story revolving around a movie production. It is said that it was shot 15 times to allow the improvisation to mature! Possibly for the first time, the filming style is the main character and the story and its characters are merely the supporting roles.

charles s (br) wrote: my favorite band of all time

Kellyann K (kr) wrote: Truthfully, I did not really understand what was going on for most of this film. The gore and coldness of the characters was also a major turnoff. In the end it was the development of a love story that saved the film. Not sure it is worth seeing.

Lal S (mx) wrote: The Movie that made me a fan of Akshay for life.

Olivia P (kr) wrote: Really fantastic. It's realistic but also so hilarious. To people who aren't used to British film or the accents, it might take a couple of moments to really get into the movie. But once you do, it does not disappoint. Great story that combines poverty, mental illness, family, relationships, and dreams all in one. You get a nice look at each character and instantly get a sense of who they are. You feel by the end of the movie that can almost fully understand each character. Alison Steadman is so great and almost everything she said was witty and cleverly funny. Timothy Spall was pretty brilliant, if I do say so. He had an interesting character and it was so enjoyable to watch. It was also really interesting seeing a young David Thewlis with a character so different from Lupin or any of his other characters. Although he has a small role, he still left an impression with his last scene. While the whole cast put on really great performances, I gotta say that I enjoyed Steadman and Spall the most. Mike Leigh really is a one of a kind director, one that can make you horribly sad one minute and then laugh your ass off the next. Oh, and just as a side note, seeing David Thewlis lick chocolate off of someone is something I will never unsee. But that really isn't a bad thing. Thewlis fans, I know you'd agree.

Steve M (ca) wrote: Not just a remake of sunset blvd. but rather a dark look at a fallen star. Inspired by a real actress (which I can't think of the name right away). Not as good as Maria Braun but still excellent, beautiful B&W, and a very cold story. Fassbender's last completed film is also one of his best.

Jeffrey M (ca) wrote: Not my favorite gangster flick, but Cagney's always entertaining.

Brandon B (nl) wrote: Batshit crazy...also NOT for kids if you read how the movie was made

Kevin M W (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this casual (very nearly offhand) look at how group think affects all of our lives. An important consideration packaged in a coffeehouse format for ease of consumption.