The Born Fighter

The Born Fighter

In Okayama in the mid-1930s, Kiroku attends high school and boards with a Catholic family whose daughter, Michiko, captures his heart. He must, however, hide his ardor and other aspects of ...

In Okayama in the mid-1930s, Kiroku attends high school and boards with a Catholic family whose daughter, Michiko, captures his heart. He must, however, hide his ardor and other aspects of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy J (mx) wrote: I give it two stars if only for the talent and the scenery. The movie is overly long and not that interesting. It has its moments. But by and large the film is dull.

Russ B (ca) wrote: 11/17/2012: Bad. Stopped watching after 30 min.

Timm S (ru) wrote: I Liked It. It Had Some Historic Perspective & Looked Real Enough To Give You A Sense Of The Hopelessness Of War & In Particular This Situation Of Trench (Inch By Inch) Warfare.

PierLuigi F (it) wrote: A beautiful story of friendship beyond traditions and faiths. Certain things that seems so different can turn out exactly the same. Nicely acted and with an interesting plot. Many people should see this.

Carlos D (jp) wrote: Imagine Lassie meets Land of the dead or better yet,My dog skip meets Dawn of the Dead,this movie is a unique piece of art,combining horror and comedy in a very special way,hard to miss.

Al L (kr) wrote: made for tv...good show!

Lisa W (it) wrote: just nice eye candy..LOL

Dani D (de) wrote: Super movie. Good cast, great chemistry. Heart-warming story.

jay n (au) wrote: Passable romantic comedy with a few problems. First of all the direction is choppy and the story rather nonsensical which is often the case for a rom-com but they should be based in some sort of identifiable reality, this isn't. All that would be forgivable if the you were enchanted by the central character. Monica Potter is a decent actress and what could best be described as goofy in the lead but to make this story of three men instantly captivated by one woman work that woman would have to be entrancing like a young Audrey Hepburn or Margaret Sullavan loaded with gossamer charm which Potter is not and it's a flaw that the movie can't overcome.

Chris B (br) wrote: This will go down as one of the greatest movies of all time! This film is so groundbreaking in the action genre and introduced to us one of the most iconic characters ever in Mr. Indiana Jones. This film is perfect from directing all the way to the score. You will find nothing wrong with this movie so definitely treat yourself!

Priyu K (it) wrote: screw maurice chevalier

Jesse O (gb) wrote: Everything I said about this film, including on the review I wrote on here, has been officially retired now that I've seen it again. If you can't remember, my original thoughts on the film were that it just wasn't very good due to a variety of reasons. I found Chow's character to be immensely unlikable and the movie was much too cartoony for my tastes. The latter being the reason why so many people loved the film. But, as I've become more familiar with Chow's style of comedy, I've come to understand that this is just what he does. I can understand why so many people loved, and still love, this film. It is, by far, Chow's most over-the-top film and I think a lot of people sort of gravitate to that well-constructed insanity that has now become Chow's trademark. With that said, I still don't think this is Chow's best film. I still think Journey to the West finds him at his peak as a filmmaker. It's got great comedy and it's got some surprising depth to the characters that this film didn't have. While this film did have a dramatic side to it, it really honestly felt more like a diversion from the main narrative and not a real important part of it. Though it does lead to a pretty sweet ending, the stuff with Chow's character and the mute girl literally serves no purpose to what's actually going on. There's the whole thing about his one failure as a child to protect the mute girl leading him on a path to criminality as an adult, but that's about it. The rest of it just feels like a whole bunch of filler. It's not that there's much of it, but it still does feel unimportant. With that said, I do think that the film is a whole lot of fucking fun. And, of course, the action and the comedy itself are absolutely over-the-top and cartoony. Other than my just getting accustomed to Chow's style, then I have no idea why I enjoyed this film as much as I did, especially when I disliked it so much for so many years. I think the film is fast-paced and easy to watch. Though there is one scene that overstays its welcome and that is the scene with the assassins with the musical instrument that also doubles as a mystical weapon fighting the masters of Pig Sty Alley. I think they take way too long to get to the fucking point to reveal that the landlady's husband is also a master of a martial arts style. It was way too long of a scene to be honest. This probably the only scene in the entire film that really overstayed its welcome. The rest of it flows fast and it's a lot of fun to watch. Chow's character is still kind of a massive dick, but he feels like much less of a massive dick this time around than he did the first time I watched the film. The action itself is really good and over-the-top, as if you didn't already know. It doesn't have the best martial arts sequences I've ever seen, but they're still really good. With that said, I pretty much did a 180 on this film. It's not like I love it or anything like that, but I did have a blast watching this film and I would highly recommend it.

Randy N (nl) wrote: It doesn't have great acting or even a good story; however, it is a great movie. It's even better when you think about what it is. Considering the fact that it was made in the early 80's, it's a CGI materpiece.