The Borrowers

The Borrowers

The four-inch-tall Clock family secretly share a house with the normal-sized Lender family, "borrowing" such items as thread, safety pins, batteries and scraps of food. However, their peaceful co-existence is disturbed when evil lawyer Ocious P. Potter steals the will granting title to the house, which he plans to demolish in order to build apartments. The Lenders are forced to move, and the Clocks face the risk of being exposed to the normal-sized world.

A secret family of four-inch people living inside the walls of a house must save their home from an evil real estate developer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (es) wrote: Unimpressive animation, awesome premise. An army of zeppelins and three-legged mechs led by Teddy Roosevelt prepared for a second coming of the Martian invaders. But it's 1914, can they beat back the technologically superior foe? Fun flick.

Joshua D (gb) wrote: There isn't much to like about Mechanical Man. There isn't a lot not too like about it either. It's simply rather boring and lacks subsistence.

Isadore H (es) wrote: Goon is a comedy about a guy who can fight well and plays hockey, but can't actually play hockey. This one started off sort of clunky and rushed for me, and the lead actor really wasn't that great here, but had his moments. The romance was forced and much of the dialogue between the two was pretty bad, I'm pretty sure it was on purpose, but it was done a little too well. However, the middle and ending of the film become pretty good, even with the awful love story. There were definitely more than a few really funny moments, and the ending was quite a bit more compelling that I was expecting it to be. In the end, Goon is a strange mix of tough characters with some uneven acting with some pretty gruesome scenes, and a plot that pick up better the more you go into it to deliver a good message about friendship and loyalty, I was kind of surprised by it

Christine P (ag) wrote: The storyline wasn't very interesting.

Sebastian B (it) wrote: "Disappointed by love, suicidal Norman arranges to meet some like-minded people. But when he arrives at the meeting the alleged suicides turn out to be unscrupulous killers looking for a willing victim." Partly fun.

Nadeem M (jp) wrote: In the 1st half .... chacha was mesmerizing as always ...!!!!

Velma S (fr) wrote: This one was surprisingly good and unlike Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight, Araceli Guzman-Rico can act. One worth seeing.

Jean T (au) wrote: Can't believe I had waited to see this play all this time. Donny Osmond was wonderful. Must I say very sexy. Did not know his body was so hot

Dave R (kr) wrote: Hogwash = Thumbs Down

Anthony V (ca) wrote: Fun little action movie.

Andrew K (gb) wrote: Hilariously low budget and campy, but very entertaining. Sure there's some boring moments, (slow scene of car pulling out of driveway.... zzzzz) but the campy moments and stiff lines are hilarious. This is also Steve Reeves' first movie. The only real dramatic part is the surprise ending, which is equally as hilarious. Nice.

Tom D (de) wrote: A light comedy which, although it has Brando in 'yellowface' and has Okinawans speaking Japanese, actually makes some valid points about do-gooder foreign interventions.

Irvin C (ag) wrote: I was gonna read the book before watching the movie but what the hell, I'll just read the book afterwards and I might have to because I loved the movie. This animated adaptation of George Orwell's cautionary allegory on communism may feature cute animals and some of them do cute things but it doesn't shy away from the novel's darker, more grown-up themes. "Bambi" is nothing; This is 10x more traumatizing if you're gonna make the mistake of showing this to your little ones. It has twisted humor and has the power to make you angry. A superb piece of work.

George B (fr) wrote: Fun movie to watch with friends or an audience in a theater and just make fun of.

Jon C (nl) wrote: Eccentric, sometimes amazing, early Thirties confectionThis 1934 pre-code film had the makings of a 1930s classic: starring Al Jolson at his most energetic -- his number Vive La France, filmed live rather than synched to a sound track, gives perhaps more vividly than anything on film what he must have been like on stage -- the staff is completed by a panoply of Thirties film yeomen and yeowomen: Kay Francis, Dolores Del Rio, Ricardo Cortez, Dick Powell, and Guy Kibbee; the songs are mostly by Warren and Dubin, the production numbers by Busby Berekely. The story has something to do with Jolson's Paris caberet the Wonder Bar ("Wunderbar" -- geddit?) as a setting for an interlocking set of frustrated lovers.And yet the whole somehow doesn't gel together. Part of the problem is that the film uneasily combines a light musical with a murder mystery, giving the effect of two movies intercut with each other. And the running stock jokes and routines, obviously recycled from the vaudeville tradition, almost give the impression of a third film, a burlesque, thrown randomly into the pot. The Berkeley production numbers, while interesting, aren't as spectacular as in his masterpieces 42nd Street or Gold Diggers of 1933, Powell looks such a callow youth that he verges on parodizing his male ingenue persona, and Del Rio's habit of expressing every emotion by looking wistfully into the distance, even if she is in a small dressing room where there is no distance to look into, gets tedious after the eighth time she does it. A high point, though, is Jolson (who was born in Lithuania when it was part of Czarist Russia) singing a soulful rendition of Ochi Tchornya (Dark Eyes) in Russian.The film's reputation for shock value -- some have suggested it was one of the reasons the Motion Picture Code was implemented shortly after -- will generally seem overstated today: there are frequent double entendres, some specific references to adultery and homesexuality, a murderess who gets away with it, and an outrageous Gaucho whip dance which seems too campy for anyone to get very upset about.The really shocking sequence today, though, as anyone who has read other reviews will know, is the extended blackface production number "Going to Heaven on a Mule," which wanders through about every racial stereotype about African-Americans you can think of. I suppose it has a social value as a startling reminder of just how acceptable such racism was in America until relatively recent times.It's hard to know what rating to give this movie. As entertainment, parts of it are a lot of fun to watch, and though fairly tame by present standards, it serves as an example of what pushing the envelope was like in 1934. The 1930s women's fashions are luscious. I'd say those heavily into Thirties films, Al Jolson, Busby Berkeley, or the social history of popular cinema will find it worth watching, if they can steel themselves to sit through "Mule." Others probably will want to pass.I saw it on the Warner's Archive DVD, which seemed a satisfactory transfer of a not too bad print.

W James S (ag) wrote: Well acted film that unfortunately is very overwrought. It's too complex for its own good and kind of plays out like a made for TV thriller.

Frances H (jp) wrote: One problem I had with this flick was that having seen Jan Rubes in Witness, he didn't come across as evil enough for the part, or rather he just seemed too charming and that made him even more evil. But Roddy McDowell as the "muscle" for the villain was even worse, as one can easily imagine Mary Steenburgen overpowering him at any time, even without a weapon. Otherwise, a pretty good suspense story.