The Boss of It All

The Boss of It All

An IT company hires an actor to serve as the company's president in order to help the business get sold to a cranky Icelander.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Danish,Icelandic,English,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:widow,   elephant,   actor,  

An IT company hires an actor to serve as the company's president in order to help the business get sold to a cranky Icelander. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (es) wrote: It's everything you expect.....takin the piss out of all in Australia.....granted its not the greatest film but it was far better then Kath and Kim and the script is riddled with F bombs....but it's Housos and there is some guilty pleasure in liking them lesson and no one's just Housos

Gavin D (us) wrote: It was FMA, and that alone is enough to make me smile and have a bit of a tear of happiness come down my eye. The story was a little convoluted with fake out reveals and then double reveals, and the animation is inconsistent. In one scene it's very detailed and crisp where the next scene has the sloppy animation that makes movement look like clay figures doing swan lake.

Victoria H (jp) wrote: I want that 2 long hours of my life back

Prithviraj P (ca) wrote: I had no intentions to watch this film,since most of the films in bollywood these days are directly lifted from other films. But watching it was quite entertaining,the cast,the setting,the acting & the songs were all quite interesting,which collectively made it a great watch. Though involves time travelling,but with a little cautionary note attached to it. many might see this & say they knew what was going to happen,I certainly didnt expect the ending & enjoyed it! Neil Nitin Mukesh once again proved his skills & I consider him definitely better than his contemporaries Ranbeer Kapoor or Imran I'm waiting to watch his 2 other films that I had missed New York & Jail. Rahul Dev is also greatly cast as the main villain for this film,in fact he's started to become a favourite of mine after watching many of his excellent portrayals. well I Cant clearly say if I'd recommend it to anyone,but if you'll watch it,I dont think you'll be wasting your time!

Adnan A (us) wrote: OK movie. Neither here nor there

Stephen E (ag) wrote: Less of a film noir than it is a drama centered on morals, "Scarlet Street" is unexpectedly mature and surprisingly bleak for its time period, delivering its message with a finale so ironic you're sure to grin. Edward G. Robinson is easy to sympathize with as the film's protagonist, while Joan Bennett and Dan Duryea (in a great performance!) act as the villains. It's easy to tell that "Scarlet Street" is the work of a master director when observing its handsome camerawork, well-executed scenes and consistently even tone. It's gripping, thrilling and as much of a classic as you could possibly ask for. There may be moments that feel slightly contrived, but "Scarlet Street" is one of the most effective dramas I've seen in a long, long time.

David L (us) wrote: Ugh. Couldn't wait for this to end. Love Vera Farmiga, but this is like Good Will Hunting gone wrong for adults. Feckless, whether it means pointless, or just not "tight". And features a very annoying Taissa Farmiga, which I suppose is her acting accomplishment.