The Bottle

The Bottle

A female teacher asks a bus driver to take her urine sample to Buenos Aires for its analysis.

A female teacher asks a bus driver to take her urine sample to Buenos Aires for its analysis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shashatha H (fr) wrote: With fine performances from Kirsten Prout & Chloe Bridges and some breathtaking drama, Social Nightmare succeeds in executing a fine film. 8/10

Ovi G (de) wrote: Since The Spectre comics are really old i didn't get the pleasure to hear or see anything related. And while comics are not for sale in my country, this animated short is my first encounter with the vengeful spirit, The Spectre. It has incredible potential and i would happily watch it if it would get turned into a full length animated film or even tv series. If animations would have that 60's 70's spooky mood, then they would be, like this one. It's amazing and i'm glad i've watched it. Enjoy Peace 'n <3

Lukas P (ru) wrote: Fucking brilliant, I LOVED this movie!!!

Trinh T (it) wrote: A powerful and gripping story of the lives that have suffered much pain and sadness during the fall of saigon. i was able to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for a similar experience my parents have gone through...

Jesus C (br) wrote: It was not a let down, but it did not made any progress at all; Gleen Close is still epic as Cruella and she is even scarier here than in the first one, the rest is still ok.

Fong K (us) wrote: This Rashomon-esque horror mystery surrounding the grisly gangland murders at the titular avenue and the legendary porn star John Holmes features commendable performances but too ostentatiously Cimmerian to be taken seriously.

Carlos I (it) wrote: This is where they really jumped the shark... series takes a real nosedive from here. Went from campy horror fun, to goofy horror nonsense, with bad effects and unfunny all around...

Marnie Z (fr) wrote: Pretty cheesy acting. Not cool to marry your 13 yr old cousin...

Brett H (gb) wrote: Definitely over-hyped as a spoof classic, Police Academy has some funny ideas, but has no idea what to do with them and settles for lowest-common-denominator laughs that rarely land. The varied cast amounts to nothing more than their respective gimmicks (with the most famous being Michael Winslow's character who is amazing at producing realistic sound effects) and most of the characters are completely forgettable. The story is where the movie should have shined with average joes being given the opportunity to try out for the police squad, but the joke never goes further than the basic premise and was a real missed opportunity. There are some funny jokes every once in a while with some of the best coming from Tackleberry, who's a complete nut and obsessed with firearms but they are far and few between with most of the scenes abruptly ending with a lame transition that cuts the joke short. It's completely harmless and can pass you by, but given the pop culture status I expected a lot more and could only think while watching that Animal House and Fast Times at Ridgemont High did this type of sophomoric humour much better!

Chontal m (mx) wrote: love the movie whery match.

Jeff B (mx) wrote: A decent enough story. Connery and Hepburn are tremendous, of course. But the thing that really got me was the gorgeous visuals of this film. The shot of Richard III's coffin being carried to its final resting place is a tremendous (near) start to the film. There's much more beauty here, but that shot really hit me for some reason.

RJohn X (ag) wrote: What the hell happened in this one? A total mess. Tho, Isabel the Island girl is a passable wild haired brute. And the hanging bodies in the meat closet was a nice touch. Especially with leitmotif soundtrack barging in. But the triple cross is just absurd, and gone are the baths of color and matte work. Lotsa day for night tho, which is always a bonus.

Scott C (br) wrote: This is a classic film noir and I definitely remember liking it, but don't remember specifics.

Samuel M (jp) wrote: Es una pelcula tontorrona en muchos aspectos pero sencillamente brillante en cuanto a diversin se refiere. Gana el doble de puntos su doblaje al espaol, que la hace increiblemente ms divertida.

Itamar K (nl) wrote: Probably the best and most solid film Bakshi ever pulled, and the best place to start with this inventive, groundbreaking, often overlooked animation innovator.

David H (it) wrote: I don't see see why everyone is clamoring about this movie. The plot twist was fed to you on a silver spoon. A boring 1.5 hrs leading into a very predictable finish, with little symbolism or metaphors to ponder about after. I wasted 2 hours watching this.

Sanna K (au) wrote: This is by far the best screen adaptation of Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos