The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

A year after a violent train robbery the Pinkerton detective agency hires a bounty hunter to find the three remaining killers. He tracks them to Twin Forks but has no clue to their identity. Tensions surface as just his presence in town acts as a catalyst.

A year after a violent train robbery the Pinkerton detective agency hires a bounty hunter to find the three remaining killers. He tracks them to Twin Forks but has no clue to their identity... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher E (de) wrote: Although the mindless action can be somewhat entertaining, "Battleship" has nothing else going for it. During a seemingly innocent naval competition in the Pacific Ocean, these battleships are met with an alien force that's here to take over earth. Based on the popular board game, sorta, Peter Berg will direct this sci-fi action/adventure flick as they try and defend earth from the seas. The only reason I own this movie is for those moments when I want to watch something so dumb and mindless that it's somewhat entertaining. If I want to turn off my brain completely and vaguely pay attention to what's happening on screen, I can pop in this film. This film is for those demanding little, in compensation for receiving little, only to be dissapointed that this movie is less than what you even asked for in the first place.The writing was the biggest flaw in this movie. Granted, there were a COUPLE moments where the screenplay was okay and the comedy was fun, but for the most part, the movie was filled with random one liners, slight racism, stereotypes, stupidity, and lazy dialogue. The screenplay was mostly bad, with a hint of decency. Like I said, it really is okay at times, and even made me chuckle a few times, but it felt like it was written by multiple people, all with different skill levels (*cough, cough* it was). The overall story was fairly unclear and their was a decent abundance of plot holes. There were a lot of things that lead to the nonexistent story and the lack of ark that we got. What are the aliens doing here? Why do they attack some things and not others (We know why but it's inconsistent)? Why this and why that? The story was convoluted and it was clear that there was no one clear direction in mind. The cast was also filled with questionable choices. Taylor Kitsch was fine as the lead role, and his character actually had some decent development through the film. Alexander Skarsgard yelled the whole time, making his character unrelatable and unlikable. Rhianna was a very odd choice for a supporting character. Liam Neeson did little to nothing, making his casting choice a wasted opportunity. Brooklyn Decker was fine but her character was almost utterly useless. Tadanobu Asano was a very stereotypical character, and the list goes on and on. No one really impressed me in this movie, either due to lack of quality screenplay or lack of skills. Michael Bay's fingerprints were printed all over this movie. From the out of place sunset shots, random explosions where they shouldn't be, stereotypes, racism, and over sexualization of woman, he's everywhere. I mean, you have Peter Berg at the helm. Let the man direct! He has plenty of skill and you don't need to come in here and "Bay" it up.The visuals were pretty solid and at least made the movie worth looking at. From the action scenes to the camerawork, I was pleased with most of the shots and the CGI. It's not the greatest by any means, but it certainly gives the movie something worth talking about.In the end, by no means is this a quality film and I'll barely remember it in the coming days, or hours, or minutes.

Peter H (ru) wrote: its a movie my mind always wanders back to. my go-to movie for people who want to see a movie that might have flown off their radar.

Laura B (jp) wrote: Best mover EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aisha S (au) wrote: one of salman's best movies

Grant S (gb) wrote: Fairly dull. Had potential, but just drifted throughout.

Melanie F (ca) wrote: Really exaggerated, over the top imagery but the movie is entertaining and cute.

Sean L (fr) wrote: A jetpack and his Aston Martin DB5 lead to Domino in Nassau

Jenna I (es) wrote: I always forget how blunt Tennessee Williams is. Wasn't terribly impressed with anybody in this, except for that last scene between Alma and John which really makes the whole thing.

Bryan S (ag) wrote: hmmm, i don't know what to put for this. you think it's the silliest but u only gave it a one.....unless in this case u mean the silly as in idiot, which would mean its just stupid

Allan C (au) wrote: Good cast in a Douglas Sirk directed noir tale. Not as over dramatic as Sirk's melodramas, but a solid enjoyable film.

Aiden Q (fr) wrote: I loved it! Fantastic movie

Film C (de) wrote: It is okay but I always get pissed off by every single film sequels.

Matthew H (br) wrote: A wasted opportunity,

Samuel N (mx) wrote: F**k yea love this movie it's a love letter to the horror genre it's super great....u need to watch this I'm glad I own it

Bryant P (fr) wrote: A master of the jump scare

Juuso L (au) wrote: I have mixed feelings about this. I kinda liked the plot and the story, characters, score, some cool visuals etc. But still, I don't know. Same time found this slightly boring and somewhat pointless. Shit. Maybe I have split personality or something, I just can't make up my mind.