The Bourne Ultimatum

The Bourne Ultimatum

Bourne is brought out of hiding once again by reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar, an upgrade to Project Treadstone, in a series of newspaper columns. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally uncover his dark past while dodging The Company's best efforts to eradicate him.

All he wanted was to disappear. Instead, Jason Bourne is now hunted by the people who made him what he is. Having lost his memory and the one person he loved, he is undeterred by the barrage of bullets and a new generation of highly-trained killers. Bourne has only one objective: to go back to the beginning and find out who he was. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yuri B (kr) wrote: It was alright... actually wanted to punch Rudd's character in the face almost the whole time watching though... seriously, right in the face.

Calum B (gb) wrote: Although Flashbacks of a Fool is Daniel Craig's pet project " he's the film's executive producer as well as its star " it actually contains surprisingly little of the blonde hunk (also ladies and gay boys you get to see his sexy arse).Craig plays Joe Scott, a movie star who has plenty of money and sexual satisfaction in his life, one which - when he is not indulging in coke-addled rumpy pumpy at least - is mostly spent looking out to the sea from his minimalist cliff-top pad.Yet he has no real friends and seemingly no real future " "there's no role for you ANYWHERE," his agent tells Joe, a moment after he has seen his client throw his prized mobile phone out of a restaurant window.As Joe begins to wonder what has happened to his life, we are taken back to his adolescent days of first love on the quiet English seaside, to discover what this Brit has in fact been trying to hide from with a life of debauchery and excess in LA.Even a fan of this film should be able see why some might find it slow and slightly dull, as it does rely on the viewer sharing in a sense of glory in the mystical power of great records, the tragic romance of nostalgia and regret, and the theme of washed-up stardom.Perhaps that provides limited scope for the film to garner a wide audience, but for those who can find true enjoyment from subtle portrayals of youth and humanity as much as from the more obvious merits of rapid plot progression that will matter little. The direction is superb, the script never feels rushed, and the wistful tone of someone looking back to their yesterdays to get on with their today is rare in its realisation of artistic vision.There's no big finale, but that's not to say that the conclusion is anything less than perfect in its mood and its timing. A literate film that is there to relish on a quiet afternoon, Flashbacks of a Fool feels more typical of a book by Ian McEwan (though thankfully it bears little in common to the cinematic version of Atonement) than a film starring the current Bond. It could also have you listening to Roxy Music for the rest of your weekend, even if you've never before had the urge to sing along to Bryan Ferry in the bath - a pleasing added bonus.There is nothing foolish about this film " watch it accordingly.

Michelle T (nl) wrote: Finally got in the mood to watch this; had it recorded once ages ago & started to watch it but just...couldn't be bothered & deleted it. So glad I actually sat down and watched it this time 'round.This is the story of Kiyoha, a young Japanese girl who is sold to a house & forced into prostitution, & her quest for freedom. You know who she's going to end up with even though it isn't exactly thrust into your face, but it doesn't really matter - her story as an Oiran is intriguing enough on its own.Anna Tsuchiya (Kiyoha) has a very interesting look about her; first seen her in Dororo but her role wasn't really much to go on. I don't know quite what it is about her (she seems cheeky?) but I like her & hope to see her again soon (& just double checked her on imdb & she's in Kamui Gaiden with Matsuyama Kenichi which I was gonna watch anyway!! YAY for surprises!)I had no idea Masanobu Ando who played Seiji was Kiriyama in Battle Royale - he was my fave BR character & holy crap the difference in appearance! Totally didn't recognise him.I remembered Mari Natsuki as the Vice Principal from Nobuta wo Produce, though!Also: Surprise!Shun was adorkable - I want one! *huggles*The main draw card for this film would be the amazing use of colours - from the sets to the costumes - & overall cinematography. It really was just a feast for the eyes.

Vicky P (au) wrote: Films with next to no dialogues are my type. But this film is beautiful.

Mark P (ru) wrote: Most of the comedy from this film came from the lyrics of the wonderfully cringingly bad songs, aimed at their now mature fans. Think Dujour from Josie and the Pussycats with male pattern baldness and beer bellies. I only wish the recently resurrected Take That had sung about bingo wings, cellulite and 'The Red Baron' back in town.It was silly, completely unbelievable but great fun.

Alan L (jp) wrote: It may nice if you like this sort of flicks ... I found it to be totally predictable and boring. (to be fair, I had to watch it in school - and that's a place where you can't enjoy a movie. period.)

Ryan B (ag) wrote: I'm not surprised that Johnny Depp would play a drag queen, what I am surprised by is that it took him this long to do it.

Michael L (fr) wrote: It felt like a cut-rate Lifetime original movie except it had a good script and engaging characters. Its message is pretentious and offers nothing new, which can be a hard pill to swallow.

Giuliano B (au) wrote: Even if it doesn't reach the same level as the last two, it is still a satisfying conclusion to an incredible trilogy.

Bob W (br) wrote: Minnelli is amazing. This movie both demonstrates and foreshadows the vacuous morality and relativism in pre-WWII nazi germany in its honest tale of doomed love.

Roger R (au) wrote: for those of you who thought cynical media manipulation was a new invention

Albert M (mx) wrote: Definitely a recommendable watch, the film still holds its own by today's standards, a fine example of narrative prowess and spot-on cinematography.