The Boys from Brazil

The Boys from Brazil

Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman discovers a sinister and bizarre plot to rekindle the Third Reich.

A Nazi hunter in Paraguay discovers a sinister and bizarre plot of a doctor who clones Hitler 95 times, and hopes to raise the resulting boys in Brazil, giving them childhoods identical to Hitler's to rekindle the Third Reich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex P (jp) wrote: Lives can sometimes just mysterious design, it just happens. But I came away with a caution; be careful when you presume to know what is best for others. Teach your children to know who they are but let them have their own lives.

Ryan W (au) wrote: Absolutely wonderful child's horror animated film especially for children who are a but different or odd.

Harry W (br) wrote: Said to feature an amazing performance from Kate WinsletThe story in Revolutionary Road does not come off as the gripping. Coming from source material which was written in 1961, the material has clearly had to battle age off. For a lot of the film, I found that it was not able to remain that interesting. Revolutionary Road has themes which would be far more powerful back in 1961 than they are now in 2008. Themes such as adultery, abortion and troubled marriages are so routine in contemporary life that seeing them depicted on screen does not have much of a shocking effect whatsoever. The film is essentially 40 years too late to really do that, and that really slows down the entire film. It is clear that Sam Mendes and the cast are really doing their best to bring it to life, but the fact is that the material is too stuck in the past. Revolutionary Road may be a good adaptation of the novel, I wouldn't know because I have never read it. But the simple fact is that the material failed to catch me. Films with material like Revolutionary Road are ones that I can tolerate more if they craft a creative sense of nostalgia back to the time of the film, but as the focus was so much on the characters and not on the world around them the context of the story barely mattered to me which is a shame because I felt like one of the themes in the film is the pursuit of the American dream. I didn't get that. I found that all that mattered in Revolutionary Road was the relationship between Frank Wheeler and his wife April, and despite the dedicated efforts of the cast to keep things alive, the material is firmly rooted in the past and so I feel like its audience is as well. People who were around for the impact of Revolutionary Road as a novel at its time or who studied it in school may consider it a strong adaptation, but I didn't feel like the material was interesting to me. The disintegrating relationship between Frank and April Wheeler was somewhat intriguing, but like with the rest of the film, it felt like nothing but melodrama which failed to really justify the screenplay which was really full of strong language. I can tell that Sam Mendes really did a strong effort which is clearly notable, but the material he was working with was not for me. By today's standards, viewers are so often confronted with abortion and damaged relationships that it is essentially a trope, and despite Revolutionary Road's success in capturing a sense of the drama, it fails to compare to the countless other films which dealt with the material on a more complex level or even did it with a better sense of style. Revolutionary Road would work a lot more effectively if it genuinely felt like a classical film from the time frame that the material was created as it would create more of a trip through time. But as that is not the case and the film follows a simplistic visual style, it doesn't evoke much contemporary entertainment.The one element of Revolutionary Road which was really worthy of critical acclaim was the efforts of the cast..Revolutionary Road came out the same year as The Reader, a film which won Kate Winslet the Academy Award for Best Actress. The fact that she delivered two performances of such power in one year is thoroughly impressive. Kate Winslet once again fails to disappoint in Revolutionary Road because she creates a woman who has serious emotional trouble and flows through all the material with charismatic ease. Kate Winslet easily captures a humane level of emotional trouble in Revolutionary Road which contributes to her character both as a woman and a mother. She is complex and deep, capturing the dramatic tone of the material very easily. She gets the character right in every inch of the part, through the tone of voice she uses to explain herself and the facial expressions she uses to convey precisely how stressed she is, and even to the way that she interacts with the surrounding cast. Kate Winslet does a great job as the lead in Revolutionary Road, and you could expect nothing less from her.Leonardo DiCaprio also delivers a powerful performance. As expected, Leonardo DiCaprio manages to bring his character to life in Revolutionary Road by putting his natural spirit into the part. He brings his sense of sophistication and natural charisma to the role which makes him an easy fit for the part, and even if it is not one of his more revolutionary performances and seems rather familiar, his efforts in the part are still clear. He is great this time mainly because of the chemistry between him and Kate Winslet. The two actors who formerly worked together on Titanic team up again in Revolutionary Road and use powerful chemistry to convey the nature of their relationship which they achieve very nicely. The level of drama in their chemistry has them battling to command the screen, and even though Kate Winslet comes out on top, Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent job.Michael Shannon's performance in Revolutionary Road didn't seem to maintain enough screen time to earn an Academy Award nomination in my opinion, but the strength of it is undeniable. The interesting thing about his role is that dressed up in suit he is able to create a sense of intelligent sophistication which he easily combines with elements of subtle insanity to characterise John Givings, Jr.. Michael Shannon stands out as one of the strongest members of the cast in Revolutionary Road even when it is dominated by the skill of its leads, so it reveals his true potential as an actor.And as always, Kathy Bates delivers a powerful performance in a small but memorable supporting role.So Revolutionary Road has a powerful cast, but the dated nature of the source material blunts its impact for contemporary audiences and its conventional style fails to illuminate the potential for nostalgia.

Facebook U (ag) wrote: scariest movie that I have ever seen...can't get past the first knock on the door. I have seen it once but have tried several times to watch it again and can't.

leane e (gb) wrote: i thought this movie was good i liked the story and i liked the powers the kids had and the scenes with charlie using her powers were cool

Eric H (gb) wrote: This film assembles one of the strangest casts of the late 1990s to play out a plot loosely based on the Wing Commander PC Game series. I think this film would have made a better miniseries than a cinematic release. Given a little more breathing room, and perhaps time to consult with astronomers or even people with a couple of higher education science courses under their belt, this could have been a really good sci fi film. The cast was certainly decent (some of the European cast-members were very good); the money was obviously there, and the script would have been fine had it not been stretched by the overly ambitious scope of the film.Bottom line: Entertaining with the help of a few drinks. Fun for action fans. Generally not recommended for the average moviewatcher.

John T (nl) wrote: Radu is the man! Greatest Vampire of all times, without question is Radu from subspecies. Craziness. I think there is a tie in to Vampire Journals in this one as well..

Shane I (es) wrote: Sure I will see this when it comes out on blue ray or dvd...someone else rents it or buys it. Or I buy it when its 4.99 at walmart three years from now, well if I really bore stream it off the internet and just watch parts of it. Well still drawing at the same time, but still be into my drawings more.