The Bride and the Lover

The Bride and the Lover

In the story, Vivian is sole heir to a business empire. Sheila is Vivian's friend who is a lifestyle magazine editor. Meanwhile, Philip is the hottest bachelor in town engaged to be wed to Vivian. However, a scandalous revelation tears the three characters' worlds apart. Time passes by and the supposed bride becomes the lover and the supposed lover is now the bride.

In the story, Vivian (Lovi Poe) is sole heir to a business empire. Sheila (Jennylyn Mercado) is Vivian's friend who is a lifestyle magazine editor. Meanwhile, Philip (Paulo Avelino) is the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bride and the Lover torrent reviews

ime S (ru) wrote: Good old drama that you watch once and never again.

forcebucket B (de) wrote: A very overrated tear jerker. The movie is very preachy and his and his brother's change is way too quick.

Jason M (us) wrote: It just doesn't add up, but it is engaging along the way.

Michael (au) wrote: Incoherrent, stupid, pointless but with a fairly nice mood. Weird!

roger t (de) wrote: This film is beautiful to look at: shadowing, angles, symbolism, and more importantly it gives us a different look at Mr. Hitchcock himself. A very serious spiritual film that contains wonderful performances, not just Clift's. I did think the film would go in a different direction, and from what I have read Hitch tried to but was restricted by outside pressures. It is a testament to his creativity that he fashioned such a wonderful film under such constraints. This is especially true of the ending which was very satisfying to me. With the possible exception of Vertigo, this may be Hitch's most personal film. It is absolutely a very interesting one. One that I highly recommend.

David G (it) wrote: My personal favorite James Bond film.

Farah R (ag) wrote: The amount of sexual content and nudity is offensive. The Bronze is unfunny, unlikable, and simply unwatchable. There's hardly any humorous material in the script and the acting is mediocre.