The Bride Wore Boots

The Bride Wore Boots

Rich and beautiful Southern heiress Sally Warren loves horse-racing and running her horse-farm although her husband of seven years hates the four-legged mammals. Spouse Jeff Warren is a successful author, Civil War scholar, and popular lecturer on the ladies club circuit. After Jeff buys aging twelve-year old nag Albert in the mistaken belief that he's a colt and Sally purchases a desk for her husband in the naive belief that it once belonged to Jefferson Davis, it's obvious that they have few interests in common. The squabbling is complicated by Jeff's jealousy of Sally's relationship with Lance Gale, her childhood friend, neighbor, and fellow horse breeder.

A bookish historian is married to a steely Southern belle who raises horses, an animal that he doesn't care for. However, the cute young neighbor girl doesn't feel that way about him and makes no bones about letting him know it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris D (ag) wrote: Very predictable "make you jump" scares. Boring.

Bass 9 (it) wrote: not everything needs a political statement.

Matt H (gb) wrote: Having owned several Grand Canyon docs in various home formats ( Beta, LD, dvd), this BD offers the best PQ on the subject matter thus far -- bar none. This is due in no small part to having this IMAX feature scanned at 8K resolution: as in 'Baraka'. The video and lossless audio presentation is consistent with no shortage of footage that qualify as 'eye candy', demo-caliber material; as viewed on my 140" scope screen.

William C (ca) wrote: Grade:High 5/10Reno 911!:Miami is a comedy that although never really becomes OK, itstill has a few jokes to let it get along without destroying itself.It's maybe not the best TV to movie transition ever made but it stillisn't the worst, It's kind the kind of comedy that may annoy but it canreally make you laugh sometimes(well, in many patches). Overall I feltthe film was strongly an average film, and here is why I felt so.The story is fairly dumb, of course we see it in so many other comediesand they work, but this doesn't so much, too short and not enoughmaterial to use as well. I don't mean to criticise the show and it'splots for the TV series, but the film just doesn't cut it really, Theone thing that damages it is the uneven and loose structure with noatmosphere and of course the jokes which miss the mark, but, as I say,it is not a Bad movie.The acting is fairly average as well and again, not to criticise the TVshow but they just don't work on the big screen and should stay backwhere they are popular on the TV screen. I did enjoy some of thecharacters though, Lieutenant Jim Dangle is funny in bits, could havebeen made much funnier though and I think we saw this movies potential.One other was Paul Rudd as a drug lord, he is funny in this one andreally takes the Mick out of any film ever to do with the Miami crimeworld.It isn't written very well I will say, I said before the film is looseand uneven and it basically comes down to two things, the script andthe cinematography, the documentary style cameras just don't do thisfilm any good and there are times where you completely forget they arebeing followed. The script though is worse, there doesn't even seem tobe enough dialogues given and it lacks one liner jokes and thereforerelying to heavily on practical stunts as the funny times.I'm split on whether to give it some more positives or criticismsseeing as it is not good but not bad, but I will give it somepositives. It has the jokes, it really does and I can't imaginemany(unless your some tight faced critic), not at least smiling at thisfilm, although doesn't give it an excuse to be good. I enjoyed thestunts sometimes and I have to admit it is funny when the stunts docome in, they are not an excuse though for the movie to be OK.Of course I would say fans of the TV show should see this, you may bedisappointed by it but who knows, you may enjoy the style of the film.If you like those kind of silly comedies that can make you laugh butyou may feel "why am I laughing at this" then this is for you, but heydon't expect it to be not good and you may just enjoy this very much.Overall I give it a high 5/10, it is Strongly an Average film and therefore Ithink it escapes being Poor but only by a little bit. Just try to enjoythe film and certain people will like it, but if you watch it withothers then I guarantee it will split opinion, you just have to likethis type of comedy and I know not everyone does. Look out for some ofthe more shocking jokes and they can be gems at times, just look outfor Dwayne Johnson.

Mel M (ru) wrote: PERFECT!!!Naomi, the movie, the co-stars, the direction, everything!

Ben A (es) wrote: hahahahahaha martin lawrence in the black knight??? really?? i wanna see it hahaha

John W (es) wrote: It's kinda typical and not many twists or turns but I have to say this movie has one of the best villains one of those guys that will rub your back after slitting your throat. Crazy isn't strong enough of a word for him. If you like action survival then this is your movie just don't go in looking for great acting or story and you'll enjoy this.

Amy M (au) wrote: Love this movie. Very spooky and raises a lot of questions about who we are and what lengths we're willing to go to. Fantastic little film that is one helluva ride. Gets better every time I watch it too, and everyone I've shared it with is equally spooked. The lead actor is fantastic as well.

Semmi A (au) wrote: Columbiana was pretty effin sweet!

Jared R (kr) wrote: A competent action flick with a good amount of humor involved. I enjoyed this one, but feel no need to see it again.

Karl L (jp) wrote: Not bad. Mila is HOT!

shawn p (br) wrote: Great film but dont think Disney will doing a remake tho.