The Bridge at Remagen

The Bridge at Remagen

In March of 1945, as the War in Europe is coming to a close, fighting erupts between German and American troops at the last remaining bridgehead across the Rhine.

As the Allied armies close in, the Nazis decide to blow up the last Rhine bridge, trapping their own men on the wrong side. But will it happen? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle J (mx) wrote: I'm glad they made this movie... important to have awareness. I have travelled in Malaria areas quite a bit... drink Grapefruit seed extract in water all day, and sleep with a basic zapper at night (both proven to prevent and treat malaria) though I bring a bottle of Artemisinin as well as the actual prescribed meds "just in case". I know this isn't much a review for the movie... BUT I am trying to spread knowledge of how to prevent/treat

Andrew S (ag) wrote: Larry David never disappoints. Great comedy.

Riley H (ag) wrote: This is a good film. It doesn't go everywhere I would like it to (I would really like to know if the parents are actually going to give this girl her money) but it's got great ambiguity to it. The question I want to is, if this man did indeed help his child to paint these paintings, is it really fraud? People ostensibly bought these paintings because they were good. Does it matter how the artist is/was or if it was more than one person? If it is fraud, as some suggest, then it is fraud because the buyers were buying these paintings because they were done by a four year old, which I'm sure they would have downright denied earlier. Nobody will ever know, unless Marla or her father admit it. I agree, the filmed ones look worse than the earliest ones, but we are measuring these against standards Marla isn't even aware of. If Marla did indeed paint all of these paintings with little help, there's no way of ascertaining the why of the apparent change in style, as she was a little girl. We may just see adult things in these paintings because we want to. Who knows? That's why it's a good movie.

Pete G (us) wrote: Really good film that gives you an insight into the trauma people suffer through tragic incidents, great film

Richard B (br) wrote: I really don't understand the reviews on this. It's been shat upon from a great height but honestly I really enjoyed it as a more modern take on Dracula, okay yes admittedly it's not like the original Dracula but did you ever stop to think it wasn't trying to be like it, Rate it what it is not what you were expecting

Carlos A (gb) wrote: Great to see that Gamera is back!

Emi3 (ru) wrote: really enjoyed it :)

Richelle M (fr) wrote: muahahahaha! XD what a goofy guy

Andrey B (au) wrote: Charming movie and absolutely well-acted. The movie is saturated with love for jazz. But it's a quite disappointment when after the film you discover that the main character is fictional.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: All Hallow's Eve failed on every aspect.

Tom B (au) wrote: A fantastic take on a very simple concept. Considine gives a captivating performance and creates a character who is totally dubious and unrelenting. Highly recommended to fans of revenge thrillers and British cinema in general.

(ru) wrote: This motherfucking movie having fucking olsen to star in and NOBODY is fucking. Grow some fucking balls

jason b (gb) wrote: i have seen this film loads of times but still love it

jesusjj2 (au) wrote: A amazing movie I loved it and I really am not gonna lie I love the whole she is in danger aspect to the movie

Tim S (au) wrote: Here's a review I wrote on July 18, 2008, only a few hours after I had seen the midnight screening of The Dark Knight:"We got there at 7:30 pm. We got our tickets. We were the first people in line. We got into the theater at about 10:00 pm. The movie started at 12:02 am. We saw... The Dark Knight. I sit here, rather speechless, about the masterpiece that was just handed over to me and my friends this evening. This is the definitive Batman film and most importantly, the definitive comic book film, but it goes beyond even that. The film is intense, violent, scary, dramatic and just flat-out entertaining; it belongs in a category all its own. First of all, The Joker is here in spades. It's an all-time classic performance from a lost artist. He paints the film brilliantly with the psychotic, twisted and always conniving nature that the character should be, and is, played. For the fans who wanted an absolutely insane Joker with no moral compass, you got your wish. Second, this film is all about the villains. The total opposite of The Joker is Harvey Two-Face. The creation, summation and declination of this man is heartbreaking and intense. A commanding performance. Third, direction. This film is absolutely splattered with beautiful imagery, incredible dialogue and stunning performances. They're calling it "The Godfather Part II" of comic book movies. Well, if ever a comic book-based film deserved an Oscar, then this is it. It's that good. Actually, Oscars all around, for Ledger, Nolan and most importantly, the film. I have a feeling I won't be seeing a film this good for quite a while. Neither will any of us."As the upcoming Awards Ceremony date approaches, I still feel this way. I am immensely disappointed that this film DID NOT receive nominations for Picture, Directing and Cinematography. However, I am relieved that Heath got his posthumous nomination and I dearly hope he receives it (edit: he did :D). If it happens, it will be an emotional moment for all of his fans, friends and colleagues in Hollywood. Regardless, this film will be a landmark AND a benchmark in the history of comic books translated to film. After seeing it again in high definition over and over again, I'm still convinced of its power.

Tom C (jp) wrote: Atom Egoyan presents us with a very compelling and even-handed discussion of the current ethical climate that we live in. Certain scenes are immensely thought-provoking and even dearly emotional. However, unlike other films of its kind, such as "American History X," the film just doesn't hold a very cinematic prowess and exists mostly as the talking points for something much more powerful and satisfying. Nothing in comparison to "The Sweet Hereafter" but at least this great director is coming back to form.