The Broken Circle Breakdown

The Broken Circle Breakdown

The loss of their young daughter threatens to destroy the love and faith of two married musicians.

Elise and Didier fall in love from the first sight, despite their differences. He talks, she listens. He is a romantic person, she's a real person. When their daughter's illness becomes serious, their love is tested. Let's follow them in this interesting movie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harjot S (kr) wrote: Its one of the best/funniest Punjabi movies I've ever seen. Usually there are about 2-3 scene in a movie where you can't stop laughing, well in this case, the entire movie is like this. ANother good thing about the movie is that you could watch it with your family. All actors complemented each other.

Darren W (fr) wrote: It made her cry - 3.5 tissues

Esraa A (ca) wrote: At the beginning it was silly but it became better towards the end.

MORGAN (ag) wrote: its good but like kinda reallly retarded

Lalthlengliana K (mx) wrote: a chhelo top......:/

irene c (fr) wrote: it is an okay movie. here is the plot. a couple is goign to get married, but before it happens, the female decides that she wants to sleep with more men because she does not think she had enough exprience to be ok with her husband after they married. her finance is not to thrill with the idea of other men sleeping with his girlfriend but he tries to go with it. a few things happen, and do you think they make it to the alter? or do they break up before then?

Spencer S (ag) wrote: Romantic comedies don't need to always be about two well-rounded people, because, let's face it; the allure of these films is to escape into a world where we are the adoration of attractive men with quirks. Still, even without fully developed characters we want an interesting concept, or at least a McGuffin to further along the plot. "The Prince and Me" tries to cash in on the childlike dream of becoming a princess, while also following the trend of empowered woman taking down roguish playboys. Sadly the woman in question quickly loses her inhibitions and stops caring about her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and saving the world, all for the benefit of some dude she's known for four months. As unbelievable as that all sounds, it's also strange that the prince is supposedly Danish and yet speaks with an English accent, as do all the other Danes shown throughout the film. I also take issue with the depiction of Wisconsin as a Podunk state where everyone is inclined to work on farms, as someone who lives in a urban city in the aforementioned state. You can't escape into the trappings of the genre because everything about this film is formulaic, cheap, and thoughtless, which says nothing about the lack of chemistry between the two leads.

Issac C (it) wrote: #dawnsetrated "Today was the first time i saw this and this was one of the best movies I seen in years it was simple and it didn't feel like it was pushing to get through and the timing for each death was grate and it wasn't all gore OK don't get me wrong I love gore but not to much of it and it used grate story telling that did not cross the line and that had me wondering what will happened next this story is not one of those that you really dont know what's going to happen and if they make a part 2 I will be one of the first to support it " -Dawn Set