The Brotherhood III: Young Demons

The Brotherhood III: Young Demons

A group of devil-may-care teenagers discover they've mistakenly called upon the Prince of Darkness in this flashy horror story.

A group of devil-may-care teenagers discover they've mistakenly called upon the Prince of Darkness in this flashy horror story. A handful of high school students have been entertaining ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (ag) wrote: Tuesday, February 5, 2015(2013) Evil Feed ACTION HORROR COMEDYLow budget, straight to rental has young owner wanting to maintain his family business of selling people as his own specialty meat. There are kidnappings and gore as well as some fake looking martial art matches. This film gets a big fat zero.

Caleb C (gb) wrote: love this short. brilliant.

Frank M (es) wrote: Tornado's rule! I thought that Dr. ranson's inventions were weird, since they looked precisely like pepsi cans.

Matt W (es) wrote: It may not always fit together perfectly comma but the music's great the vocals are great the story works if you keep in mind that it's made for the songs not the other way around. And growing up during this period it hits home.

Oan S (gb) wrote: a little bit overrated i think...

Jakin R (ru) wrote: Unwatchable, unbearable, and unlovable. Tideland is every kind of "un"-prefixed word you can think of. Even amidst the pointlessly intentioned but well-conceived cinematography, Gilliam does little to entice us with his self-indulged work, leaving his presentation of the darkness of Jeliza's pschye (or the minds of children in general) to simply be a macabre bore.

Alex A (kr) wrote: Hey Arnold, like many other 90's Nickelodeon cartoons(as well as Cartoon Network), was a considerable part of my childhood. Finally deciding to check the motion picture out, I can safely say that there is enjoyment to be found. The plot structure isn't entirely original, very straight-forward and by-the-numbers, and the film doesn't entirely do the series justice, but Hey Arnold! The Movie is a harmless, albeit disposable, time passer for younger audiences and nostalgic fans.

Matt M (ag) wrote: Follow up to the much publicised King of Egypt, this film tells the biblical tale of a prisoner who lands a job with the pharaoh thanks to his ability to forsee the future in dreams. Soon enough, he faces the brothers that once threw him out. Lots of musical numbers and special effects, and a three year long production really largely only amount to a forgettable film, though stylistically it is very distinctive of the Dreamworks animation of the time.

Matt K (kr) wrote: This movie is above average. Billy Crystal is funny in it and Gheorghe Muresan is actually decent...gotta love the subtitles every time he talks cause noone knows what the hell he is saying!

Mloy X (kr) wrote: Paulina (Jennifer Lopez): The rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal wish.This was kind of cute although I've seen the original Japanese version and that film was absolutely endearing. Richard Gere's John Clark was cool and he had splendid chemistry with his on-screen wife, played by the uber sexy Susan Sarandon. Jennifer Lopez was an excellent dancer but her acting skills left much to be desired. Stanley Tucci was awesome as usual and his portrayal of Link was absolutely hilarious. The rest of the supporting cast were pretty good as well and I got a kick out of seeing Tony Dovolani (as "Slick Willy") and Karina Smirnoff (as Link's pouty dance partner) from "Dancing with the Stars" and also Mya, as Vern's fiance they made a super cute on-screen couple. Overall, this was a pretty good film, but the original Japanese version was still better.

Candice B (fr) wrote: After seeing this movie I was totally in love with Billy Wirth and I still am. This movie is HOT!!!

Matt M (ca) wrote: A bank robber seeking revenge on his former friend and partner in crime who once deserted him finds he became a respected sheriff and falls for his adoptive daughter. A flawed slow and slightly narcissistic western which nevertheless shows Brando had a somewhat undiscovered talent for directing.

Karl G (gb) wrote: Yeah weird but ok. Ending was odd.

Ae S (nl) wrote: Oh, thank God bitter ex-girlfriends don't have super powers....

Joe W (br) wrote: Beautifully done animation! Great storytelling! & genius music!

Jonathan G (au) wrote: It seemed like an attempt at a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic film with a director not fully ready to delve into the "crazy" like a George Miller would. It shouldn't have been labeled a bomb though. It had a lot of strong points, but also many weak ones. Worth a watch by adventure and action movie lovers. Rating: 7.5 / 10