The Browning Version

The Browning Version

On the last day of term at a boys private school, a new master arrives to familiarise himself. His predecessor, Crocker-Harris, is much hated in the school, but his younger wife seems more popular, and not only with the pupils. Tensions erupt making this a day nobody in the school will ever forget...

Forced to retire from an English public school. a disliked professor must confront his utter failures as a teacher, a husband, and a man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric H (jp) wrote: With a critic's putting this film downI can only expect the film's stature to increase over time.Obviously this is not your traditional movie and if you need a plot-driven film this isn't for you but if you're in the market for a different type of cinema I think you'll find this a unique and special experience. It's an allegory and a warning that perhaps our time is running out.

April W (gb) wrote: An interesting point of view of a charismatic church in KC MO

Billy R (mx) wrote: Every people have a story, every people have a secret...

Daniel C (au) wrote: Simply put: It is a tacky movie.

Eric H (us) wrote: Series 7: The Contenders, is a very twisted black comedy about six contestants on a reality show. The premise of the reality show is that the contestants are given weapons and have to murder each other in order to win. What I enjoyed about this movie was the fact it comes off like a real television show.This sharp, smart, exhilarating thriller works on so many levels, and it's got one of the niftiest twist endings in ages, too! Somehow, I suspect it's only a matter of time before a real-life reality show figures out a way to go this far.

Jan Is To Hot Too Handle (us) wrote: This dvd is not available in the us... too bad!

Jarkko S (ag) wrote: Tulitikkutehtaan tytt tuntuu kaunistuvan vuosi vuodelta, kuten ky niin usein vanhoille elokuville. Karuuden estetiikan mestarin Aki kaurismen yksi parhaista. Sanoja ei tarvita; elokuva puhuu puolestaan.

John B (ru) wrote: A requiem for the drive-in era that doesn't quite work, despite intermittent moments of Aussie awesomeness.

Daniel D (de) wrote: Straw Dogs has an eerie feel from the start, intellect American, David (Dustin Hoffman) movies into a villager with his maturely younger S.O., Amy (Susan George). It's obvious in this film that **** is going to go down, you can figure from every poster... or if you just heard of the movie from someone, so perhaps it was premeditated that I'd feel some intensity, but the film itself definitely creates an uptight atmosphere. David and Amy have their differences, David's more mature but Amy has more smarts when it comes to the locals. They have some tense trivial arguments, but sexually they're happy. The surrounding characters are not so pleasant, except for some elitists everyone surrounding is trash, or soon to be trash. British hicks who have no entertainment outside of drinking or fantasizing over David's bombshell wife.Trouble comes towards David's household, and trouble comes hard. It begins with some animal cruelty which always hits the emotions, and then a harsh rape scene. Difficult to watch, and feels comparable to the one in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The irony is, David came to this village to escape the chaos of America, with the war protests, race riots, notable assassinations really concentrated only three years before this films release date. The notorious final sequence features insane violence, built up by a harrowing intensity. The plot line behind this was much more intricate than I expected, since this was no pointless violence. The film obviously doesn't endorse violence, but Peckinpah was not pulling a Haneke stunt, because I was hot headed and yelling for David to kill the bastards. David became a man and defended his household, and I'll applaud that. David also became a badass, not a super hero but that Bernhard Goetz type badass. Rooting for David was an exhilarating film watching experience, but also harsh since a true moral dilemma exists. Straw Dogs is among the most intense films I've ever seen, which gets crazier and crazier as it goes along. With an amazing performance from one of the greats in Dustin Hoffman. Isolation is scary, but being alone is far from the scariest.

Tom H (fr) wrote: Not Lang`s best effort, but he made a decent film on newsmen trying to find the identity of a serial killer who is ravaging the streets. My favorite scene in this film is when Dana Andrew`s character is addressing the killer from the tv, describing the killers looks and psyche. It is the one scene i know i will remember years from now.

Jacob T (it) wrote: This is probably my favorite horror movie. Blasphemy, I know, but this has everything that I want: the pacing is off-putting, the Big Bad gets an explanation (though that's only been a problem in more recent years), awesome practical special effects, part of a Carpenters song, Happy Gilmore's grandmother... It's got everything!The only thing I don't care for is the woman. She's poorly written, so I can't really criticize her performance.Also, the theme is one of the best songs written for a movie ever (with the obvious exception of Ninja Rap from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze).

Roxanne B (fr) wrote: was funny to see how old the movie actually seemed to be when the hot chick in the flick had panty

Robert R (ag) wrote: The only interesting thing about this is the effeminate gay character who *surprise* doesn't get constantly picked on by his straight co-workers.