The Bunker of the Last Gunshots

The Bunker of the Last Gunshots

A military group of men is locked up in a bunker in an unknown future. All those soldiers are waiting for an eventual enemy. But the discovery of a certain project will cause several catastrophies and will make those men kill each other... Written by Chris Morin

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:26 minutes
  • Release:1981
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A military group of men is locked up in a bunker in an unknown future. All those soldiers are waiting for an eventual enemy. But the discovery of a certain project will cause several ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Bunker of the Last Gunshots torrent reviews

David M (de) wrote: Love that 70's sci-fi aesthetic.

Humna W (gb) wrote: Want to watch it but didn't find it...movies trailor is good

Joshua B (ru) wrote: Really good movie with some interesting interviews from some of Ali's former opponents. Good archival footage.

Martin I (br) wrote: Not sure how to rate this actually, it's really one of its kind. Definitely interesting and not bad, but is it any good?

Anthony S (br) wrote: Twelve years later, Van Helsing has aged like an open beer left behind the radiator.

Bobby M (gb) wrote: One of the best feelgood movies of all time.

Brad H (kr) wrote: Jeff Daniels could have made a good movie but instead decided to make a really shitty movie.

Billie W (kr) wrote: Pretty, but pretty slight.

Mar T (br) wrote: Though certainly lightweight and silly, this movie is a more or less entertaining way to kill an hour and a half. Perhaps its due to the relief of seeing Dolly in something that's actually watchable, after the fratboy hijinks of 'Rhinestone' and the icky-sweet sentimentality of 'Steel Magnolias'. Though it sounds absurd on paper, Dolly and James Woods actually play well off of one another (she's sunny and lighthearted, and he's cynical and urban -- it's an 'opposites attract' story, that actually put me in mind of Streisand and Redford in 'The Way We Were'). Completely farfetched, of course, is is usually the case with romantic comedies (Dolly and the radio station scams her listeners for months, presenting her as a PhD, and when it all comes out in the wash, no one sues or presses charges ???) but in a post-911 world of climate change and infliation and rising gas prices and being terrified to get on an airplane, perhaps realism is slightly over-rated.

Daniel S (au) wrote: There may not be a better movie about the creation of art. Frenhofer is looking for truth in his paintings, and I think this film finds truth in its own canvas. The human emotions and relationships are subtle but very authentic and while the movie is taxing (I split it over two days) it does have a certain suspense. If you fall in step with its pacing you'll find yourself wanting to see the rest.

Thomas K (au) wrote: Most great directors have a version of this film in them, but very few of them do it with such charm and wit.

Freddie F (ag) wrote: Saying "Bad Ronald" is an obscure movie is an understatement. Saying it's excellent is an understatement as well, because this is a truly amazing film. It tells the story of a dorky teenager who lives with his loving mother. He has the hots for a girl, but she laughs in his face. A kid makes fun of him and his mom, so he pushes her to the ground, and she unfortunately dies.The rest of the movie is about Ronald's isolation as his mother hides him in the walls of their house to prevent him being caught and arrested. Oftentimes movies about insanity are overplayed and become cliched, but "Bad Ronald" makes it's protagonist real. We love him as an audience because we can relate to his struggle with adolescence and his painful reality where nobody loves him but his mother. As we see Ronald lose it more and more we feels sorry for him, because he never really did anything wrong in the first. The whole thing progresses alongside the metaphor of Ronald's self-imagined Narnia-esque fantasy which becomes more and more real for him.For a made for TV movie from the 70's "Bad Ronald" is above and beyond what would be expected. Even the music is great and during certain sequences it adds to an amazing atmosphere where the viewer feels tension and suspense build. The beauty of the film is in this suspense and, without ruining any plot details, in the way everything turns out, in an anti-climactic and bizarre manner.I've been wanting to see "Bad Ronald" for a while now, based on several recommendations and reviews that were as positive as the one I'm writing now. It's a difficult film to find, but if you get the chance to see it then don't turn it down. If nothing else "Bad Ronald" is unique and a strangely heartwarming and emotional movie.

Arnaud L (mx) wrote: This Gorgon is a bit dull. The German setting is probably not the best idea for an antic greek myth.

Demetrius C (ru) wrote: A bad film that I love. Guilty pleasure. ;-)