The Business of Strangers

The Business of Strangers

Julie Styron thinks she is going to be fired, but instead discovers that she is being promoted. Trapped in an airport hotel, she wants to celebrate but finds only the company of her young assistant, Paula Murphy. As the night progresses, the two women get to know each other. They flirt, they drink, they lie; personal flaws are revealed and exposed. But at the end of the night their relationship turns and becomes a complex battle of power, authority, and wit.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rape,   bible,   drunkenness,  

Two businesswomen bond and reveal their inner natures while getting carried away on a revenge attack against an accused rapist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Benjamin N (mx) wrote: Very well made. But disappointing in the annals of Gibson's direction.

Eric G (jp) wrote: Insightful and wonderfully depressing. I was sold.

Frit F (br) wrote: ExcellentWoody Allen's best film that I have seen so far.

Jackson S (fr) wrote: I doubt anyone will see this film, but if they do, they're in for a real treat.

David H (ca) wrote: Lord Almighty... on that list of movies that are so bad that they're Goddamn hilarious find Lady Terminator. This Indonesian rip-off of the James Cameron masterpiece is almost exactly its source text's opposite in terms of direction, acting, plot coherence, etc. Still, with all of its serious flaws, the damn thing gets three stars from me for its sheer entertainment value. For me, what separates truly bad movies from films of Lady Terminator's nature is pace; if a bad movie is boring, it's just bad. The special effects (which were actually designed by actress Barbara Constable, who pulls double duty as both make-up artist and the Lady Terminator!!!) are quite good. The sheer number of ridiculously bad one-liners and explosions throughout the film are hilariously fun. Also, like the best exploitation, Lady Terminator is never shy when it comes to sexuality. My goodness... From a demoness possessing a woman's body via a decidedly private orifice all the way to the Lady Terminator spending nearly half the movie naked (not to mention eating men's Johnsons with her vagina!), this is one Hell of a sex-filled movie. The celluloid is almost moist with sexuality, which, admittedly, also helps one take in the film with a less harsh critical eye.

Heidi W (fr) wrote: Hateful, rotton, utter crap. If I wanted to spend nearly two hours of my life listening to people simply shouting other people's names, I'd go into a school and listen to the register being taken. Boring, the acting was terrible, the characters were utterly unlikeable, the baddy was pointless. And I can't understand why they set it in a hotel, without the original parents, whom I actually liked! What a loud tosh. Yuk.

Hawk (ca) wrote: I'm not well read enough to even discuss the philosophical merits of this film, all of it is lost on me. That doesn't mean that this film isn't a crazy good time. It starts slow, and for around the first hour it's a standard story about a middle aged man that get involved with a mysterious woman. It's a nice story but it doesn't really seem to go anywhere, then we are introduced to the "Magic Theater" from this point on the film becomes a special effects tour-de-force. This part of the movie is shot on what looks to be video tape and gives this part a very different vibe than the rest of it, almost like an early MTV music video complete with rampant blue screen abuse. It's a great film if you're in the mood for such a thing.

Greg W (us) wrote: bergman's take on carnys dark and brooding also 1st time with cinematographer sven nyquist

Cooper H (ru) wrote: Big Trouble In Little China has Kurt Russell play the charming Jack Burton as he gets drawn in to a magical fight against an ancient Chinese spirit. It's a fun movie with a weird story.

Augustine H (gb) wrote: The weird twist at the ending spoils the whole film despite Michael Caine gives a solid performance.

Adrian B (ag) wrote: Credible sequel which doesn't quite capture the original but is still worth watching as it includes all the originals cast