The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room

Ann, a reclusive elegant lady, with an obsession for butterflies, is befriended by the eerily beautiful young Alice. Using her seductive innocence, Alice establishes a disturbing mother daughter relationship with Ann. Lured into her twisted world, Ann soon discovers that she is not the only recipient of the girl's affections. Confronted by Alice's other lady friends, Ann's shock awakens a dark, hidden past, unchaining a spiral of madness: a series of brutal and bizarre crimes that Ann will have to commit to preserve her harmless and deceptive appearances. The only one who recognizes there's something unsettling about Ann, is nine year old Julie, her next door neighbour's daughter. With the inevitable curiosity of a child, Julie begins to explore the corners of Ann's apartment, discovering a dark secret hidden in the walls of the forbidden butterfly room. No one believes what she's seen except for Ann's daughter. Horrified, she realises that the fate of the young girl lies in her hands.

Ann, a reclusive elegant lady, with an obsession for butterflies, is surprisingly befriended by the eerily beautiful young Alice. Using her seductive innocence, Alice establishes a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arsev A (gb) wrote: Good movie with an interesting duo.

The Movie C (es) wrote: "Secretariat" offers everything that an old-fashion, feel-good sports movie should and not an inch more. It starts with some well-crafted racing scenes, throws in some solid performances, strikes a few emotional chords, delves into a couple of cliches, ties it all together with a rousing score, and calls it a day. If that's all you're looking for, you'll enjoy it. But if you're expecting something more substantial (a la "Seabiscuit"), you're going to be disappointed.

jessica (nl) wrote: omg esa mujer es creepy, pero esta cool me gusta la movie

David S (ca) wrote: Yup, i wanna see this. Partly because Masanobu Ando (BR, right?) is in it.Only now do i realize i failed to connect that this is the same Masanobu Ando in Adrenaline Drive. I'd read but forgotten, and the lost memory enhanced by the fact that in Battle Royale, his character never uttered a word, only smiling or frowning as he went about doing his part to try to escape the island alive.

Kat S (gb) wrote: Haha it has been a long time ago i watched this and my recollections of it are still ridiculously muddy. Takeshis' is definitely out there and has memorable scenes, but could I necessarily call them coherent? It is amusing to see Takeshi play himself twice within the film but at times it gets confusing and then slightly deters me from watching more, but because his style is so unique, it would be wrong to turn away... It is just weird...

David W (gb) wrote: Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker make this film a blast from the past in the 90s

Peter A (nl) wrote: It's surprising how this could've gone wrong when you consider how funny Chris Farley was and Christopher Guest is. This shouldn't have been hard to be hilarious. Farley was funny doing what he did in all his other movies, just in a frontier costume this time. Matthew Perry was decidedly not funny. It was like he took everything that made Chandler annoying on Friends, and applied it to this with a really bad-sounding pompous voice. Eugene Levy was also ill-used as a French trapper, and was not at all as funny as he would be in the later Christopher Guest films: Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. Overall, I laughed at a few of Farley's bits, but I laugh nearly as much as I thought I would, even when the other actors mug the camera to lets us know the joke is over.

matt s (kr) wrote: While this movie has its scenes (the chess matches), I think a lot of early '90s independent film got by with shock value and relentlessly profanity. This film is no different. Look, I don't give a shit about cussing and all, I mean this film is about a teenaged drug runner in NYC, but my point is -shock and profanity isn't a good cover for bad dialogue, it can't cover up the fact that some parts of this film were lazily-written.

Emma P (de) wrote: Totally loved it at the time.

Anthony B (ag) wrote: A milestone film that was one of the first to tell the story of illegal immigration from the perspective of the immigrants themselves, this is a powerful and moving story despite some amateurish acting and occasionally heavy-handed dialogue.

Bryan K (ag) wrote: Way way overrated. What little narrative there is is woefully feels as if the director wrote a script after the fact to justify filming a rape movie. How this is a classic is beyond me.

Alasdair A (de) wrote: the best out of the three

Simon D (ag) wrote: I'm a fan of Woody Allen but clearly not for the same reasons as a lot of people because this is overrated in my opinion. It's not standout as I was led to believe. Not a bad film by all accounts but it just doesn't compare to some of the others.

dennis h (fr) wrote: Fantastic movie, hard to find but well worth it

Bruce B (ag) wrote: This is a really good Spaghetti Western, comes from The Best of Spaghetti Westerns. In the Tradition of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly collection, so far I've watched a few movies from this collection and there a lot better then those put out by Mill Creek. This we have a drifter who wanders into town, to join up with a gang, He is undercover as a US Marshall, but he wants revenge for the gang who killed his wife. He has one friend who he can trust and the gang wants to rob this friend, will he blow his cover will he fall in love with the friends daughter? You have to watch it to find out. A good Italian Western directed by Mario Caiano its worth 4 stars

Ashley L (ca) wrote: lol it was so awful! the special effects were ok for the time period but the story sucked! it was funny how terrible it was. the ending was truly awful.

Jenna G (ru) wrote: This could be watched JUST for Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their insane performances, but it's a really good movie besides the two stars. They certainly help, especially Davis, but the campy, dark wit and creepiness of the movie make it worth seeing as well.

Brandon S (it) wrote: What it lacks in scares and compulsion, it more than makes up for in it's excellent direction and gorgeous cinematography. Don't listen to the detractors, this is a masterful film in the tradition of classical haunted house epics like "The Cat and the Canary" and "House on Haunted Hill". However, there's something that separates this film from other nostalgic Hollywood horror epics. That something is its fullness and pension for romance.Short of the distracting CGI ghosts, if Alfred Hitchcock were to have ever dabbled in the supernatural I can't help but feel that this may be close to what it would've looked like. It's robust, fantastical romanticism at it's contemporary best.The only thing shaving a star-and-a-half off of this wonderful piece of cinema is, I'm sorry to say, Guillermo del Toro's attention to characters or lack thereof. We, the audience, feel the only real closeness with Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain's characters, which is unfortunate because we aren't following Hiddleston and Chastain. As for our lead, played by the skillful and beautiful Mia Wasikowska, we feel a kind of shallow coldness. That makes her infinitely more unrelateable than she would've been.All that aside this is a masterful piece of visual storytelling from a master filmmaker in the vein of Alfred Hitchcock, the true master filmmaker. It's a great film. Highly recommended.