The Butterfly's Dream

The Butterfly's Dream

In a small Turkish town, two young tuberculous poets try to survive while publishing their poems. As they both fall in love, their life would never be the same.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   wedding,   theater,  

In a small Turkish town, two young tuberculous poets try to survive while publishing their poems. As they both fall in love, their life would never be the same. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (ag) wrote: Great nostalgia for a time in music history that can never be repeated.

Irina K (nl) wrote: It is one of the best documentaries I ever seen. Everybody has to watch it and make their own conclusion.

Timothy J (au) wrote: You'd have to be really interested in Franki Valli and The Four Seasons to enjoy this film. Which I am not. This movie is fairly dull. It plays on one tone throughout the film. Disappointing considering how talented Clint Eastwood is as a director.

Thomas R (mx) wrote: Funny and well-written for what it is: an animated, mindless, easy to digest "kid's movie". The movie was simplistic, yet enjoyable.

Mary S (ag) wrote: Love. And I love Shia in this :P

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Pavan R (gb) wrote: Quite a well made movie with an interesting story and plot. Especially impressive considering it was actually made in 1947 for its brave story and cinematography(studio).

Chris J (ru) wrote: Stick with the "Paradise Lost" documentaries, as they're much more compelling. Unfortunately, this feels very "Made-For-TV" with a broad summation of the facts.

Rangan R (ru) wrote: The comedy about a second chance.I'm reviewing a decade old film. This kind of themes is very much done for the current era, particularly in Hollywood. You can't believe this guy did a film like this back then. I'm obviously talking about Ryan Reynolds. It was just for fun, other than that there's nothing to expect from it. Clearly we know how the story begins and ends, but we're only going to see the middle parts, how they developed it, especially the comedies.All the actors were decent, particularly Amy Smart was much preferred actress than what she's now. Ryan Reynolds with those dual getups was not bad either and Anna Faris was excellent in the comedy parts. Maybe it is a chick film, or close to that category, but the perspective of the story was from a man.Being a geek in the high school, how he transformed into a handsome man is the film. When he visits his hometown, all the old memories comes back to the life, particularly after seeing his old close friend who he had a crush on her, but never revealed it. So it is like his second and probably final chance to express his feeling. How it all develops and ends was the remaining story.Being a comedy, it has not delivered anything big. It might have effected good way, if I had watched when it came out. So not everyone who watches it would end up happily. It is not easy to suggest this film for everybody, but if you're looking for a comedy, some comedy, it will work okay. And again, don't take it seriously, even some of the jokes are too ordinary, but tried its best. An average comedy, but a good time pass film.5/10

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