The Calcium Kid

The Calcium Kid

When milkman Jimmy Connelly accidentally puts Britain's contender for the World title out of action, he is propelled from amateur boxer to the world stage and announced as the replacement contender for the championship fight.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   dancing,   boxing,  

The film is a mockumentary comedy, in which Bloom plays young milkman Jimmy. He is an amateur boxer who by a bizarre twist of events ends up fighting the world champion in his home town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loyal D (br) wrote: It was a well made and written stand up and an all around enjoyable film but it wasn't anything extraordinary, it wasn't even Kevin Hart's best stand up set, but it was solid and entertaining, I'd like to see more stand up comedians enter the film industry.

Damon G (es) wrote: boring. not interesting

Christopher D (gb) wrote: Good acting, standard story. Strong if predictable finish.

Steve N (br) wrote: Decent movie. It has some good skateboarding and a good theme too.

John S (mx) wrote: OK not as bad as I thought it might be after the opening 20 minutes. And certainly this would be a film that 5 or 10 years ago I might have walked out on (according to the mrs) but now, im happy to sit and wait it out and in the end - Cadavres is not that bad.True this is a pastiche, black comedy French Canadian Horror movie and that sentence alone ensures that this film is certainly looking to attract a niche set of viewers. But the plot never truly deviates from the main stream of people arrive at the house and people die theme (along with a dash of incense for good measure).All in all its perfectly watchable fare with a few good gags and certainly a few disgusting scenes but nothing that makes you wish you had never rented this flick.Just under 2 hours. Like it.

Jessica (es) wrote: stupid quit watching not even half way through

Elise P (it) wrote: Not what I was expecting. This is a great film, it isn't gratuitous. Great performances and good plot twists.

Lee O (ru) wrote: Classic movie. Soundtrack is showing its age a bit and some of the cuts are slightly jagged but still an intriguing and engaging story.

Michael R (mx) wrote: Great Hammer Film...

Thomas B (ag) wrote: This is a follow up to John Wayne's McQ movie in which he plays the same kind of detective. Its sort of a "dirty Harry" goes to England kind of a movie!

Alec B (nl) wrote: Obviously the premise is extraordinarily silly, but it's just coherent and entertaining enough to be an enjoyable trifle. Washington's performance is a little too good for the movie.

Charles P (mx) wrote: Robin Williams' virtuoso performance is what carries Mrs. Doubtfire through the contrived and sappy passages and into memorable comic gold.

Sanity Assassin (ru) wrote: paper thin story, visuals except for some menial camera-work abysmal and generally somewhat lacking in all departments