The Campaign

The Campaign

Two rival politicians compete to win an election to represent their small North Carolina congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

When incumbent Congressman Cam Brady commits a major gaffe, two wealthy CEOs decide to try to gain influence in their district by putting up a rival candidate. Now Brady must face a no-holds-barred challenge from the naive newcomer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon W (br) wrote: Sometimes intriguing, sometimes fascinating, but largely mundane, though sadly tragic.

Chris R (kr) wrote: If we were to ever get a real remake of 'Poltergeist', I believe 'Insidious' is it. With genuine scares, beautiful cinematography and atmosphere that's sure to keep you up at night.

Steven G (mx) wrote: Ok. Lets combine Hannibal Lecter, with Girl Interrupted, some House on Haunted Hill Remake Trap scenario, and of course zombies...and you have a pretty bad zombie film that only drinking to the point of inebriation will make the plot make sense.

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Frances H (ca) wrote: Lovely, sweet, warm, touching film that just curls around your heart. That critics didn't like this, but loved Melancholia says everything about how far from the tastes of real people today's film critics are.

Sunil J (it) wrote: I liked it but the book was better.

Jason L (kr) wrote: The beginning is bad, but eventually I liked it.

Tyler D (kr) wrote: oh man. i saw the first one back in the day, and for a made for tv movie, it was alright. but this, this was just so so bad. there aren't even words to describe how bad it was. my soul wept for brian krause's acting.

Federico F (us) wrote: A way to reinvent increasingly bad dinosaurs in a stale and overused formula

Brok S (ag) wrote: It's been over a year since I've seen this, I'll have to rent it again. I do remember I liked it alot for a korean movie. I'm not much for foreign films either.

David W (es) wrote: A sweet soundtrack and solid performances from Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren save Rocky 4 from being a cheesy, over-the-top mess from Stallone

Brian B (ru) wrote: Inception is an entertaining, mind blowing summer blockbuster which works very well.This is about a thief who has the ability to access someone's dreams and steal info from them. After, he goes on one final mission, it becomes complicated as an outside force attempts to stop him and his team.This is a mostly astonishing film. It requires the audience to remain on the edge of their seats in its entirety. Many modern summer blockbusters are thoughtless and hollow. It's great to see something of its complexity come out this time of the year. It's real refreshing.The action is magnificent. It's done in a great way and the movie utilizes the dreams to make truly visually spectacular scenes. They aren't as revolutionary as The Matrix's visuals but they still are pretty great. Some of the best scenes include the zero gravity fight in the hallway and the van falling into the river in slow motion.Although it's easy to get lost in Inception's plot, Christopher Nolan doesn't expect you to understand every element of this film. You just have to understand that this is a movie you have to watch again. But it's plot is handled with meticulous care.But this movie isn't the best with character development. At first I was going to ignore this but now that I think of it - what exactly do we know about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character? Most of the other characters were pushed aside and we didn't get any time to connect with them emotionally.In conclusion, this is a pretty entertaining blockbuster. Sure, it's light on character development but it's still a highly entertaining blockbuster with an elaborate plot that works well.

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Zachary M (br) wrote: Having never read any of the books, yet knowing the premise of the franchise, I have to say one of the weirdest elements I found was that the main selling point, a bunch of kids forced to fight to the death, wasn't even featured until well over an hour into it. You could make the case that means it gives you more time to get to know the characters, but the characters just aren't that great. They're never bad per say, yet a big discerning point for me. Plus the whole point of a first movie in a franchise is to get you to see more, and I can say I'm really not motivated to see more.

James E (jp) wrote: Don Knotts made this movie ... awesome... Herbie in love .. LOL.. lots of inspiration for Pixar's "Cars". Good to see Dean Jones back too!

Weul S (nl) wrote: A headstrong woman defies the mores of nineteenth century australia by not marrying in this tender feminist film.