The Candy Snatchers

The Candy Snatchers

An abused autistic boy is the sole witness to the kidnapping of a teenage heiress.

An abused autistic boy is the sole witness to the kidnapping of a teenage heiress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Candy Snatchers torrent reviews

intuciic (mx) wrote: nice story with pain and suffering in it.

Troy K (gb) wrote: Very enjoyable and I recommend it, but missing a lot of the story...doesn't help that the target dive is pretty much a bore.

Sushil D (br) wrote: excellentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...mindboggling

WS W (ag) wrote: Another piece which I had been looking for so long.But then, it just turns out to be another love story thing.

Courtney S (nl) wrote: Excellent, and infuriating. It's interesting that there's a review that says this movie is balanced because I think the anti-Aristide people look like fools. And Aristide is so cute....his eyes....oh it's like Thom Yorke from Radiohead. "Philippe is more American than Aristide, baby / Despite the fact that Aristide was elected / Philippe recognizes the voice of power and he respects it" - Son of Nun

Nicole V (jp) wrote: more than half the characters I couldnt stand..the ending was a mouth opener a saw film ending.slow intro it should be...then the pace picks up hectically in the end..Hippolyte are a creepy can see it in your

Ray M (ca) wrote: Underrated - give it a chance

Miguel A (us) wrote: Baseado em factos reais, "At Close Range" aborda a histria de uma famlia white-trash como uma saga de crime de nervos flor-da-pele. Christopher Walken e Sean Penn oferecem o melhor de si em papis de enorme presena, mas falta ao filme de James Foley a profundidade e a consistncia necessrias para que as suas duas horas evitassem uma mo-cheia de cenas que caem no saco roto. O instrumental de "Live to Tell", a cano de Madonna que o tema principal do filme, toca mais vezes do que seria suportvel, mas "At Close Range" tem categoria suficiente para merecer a oportunidade. Tem o melhor bigode de Christopher Walken tambm.

Evan H (ru) wrote: This movie is quite interesting! It has fine acting performances, also a realistic storyline. Worth seeing!

Martin T (us) wrote: When a crooked judge is suspected of hiding out in a sanitarium, a private detective gets himself committed to uncover the truth. A little lightweight and unsophisticated, but a fun "poverty row" quickie noir. If you've seen Shock Corridor, it's pretty much the same setup but without as much social commentary. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Fuller drew some inspiration from this film. The actors and the dialogue are a bit clunky, but not too bad. Features Tor Johnson in a small role, most famous for his work in Plan 9 from Outer Space, among other Ed Wood films.

Gabi S (kr) wrote: Waist of time and money .

Franc P (au) wrote: I loved the movie but agree that the story could have been a bit better.

Jack L (gb) wrote: Suprisingly decent movie considering that about $10 was spent to make it. The Stonewall "riot" is an important event for many people, and there should be better stories told about it. Until then, there's this.