The Captive

The Captive

Two kids travel to a city where silence is kept sacred.

  • Category:Fantasy
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:France
  • Director:Philippe CazaRené Laloux
  • Writer:René Laloux (screenplay), Philippe Caza (comic "Equinoxe")

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The Captive torrent reviews

Joe B (it) wrote: The humor was descent but with no story and the jokes most of the time falling flat this pg-13 rated comedy made by Adam Sandler is one of the worst films ever made

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

tony l (fr) wrote: Love? what si the meaning of love? when u love someone and u cant live with the person because of other reason what is the meaning of ur life? can u live ur life with lie? it's like ur live ur life with no sun.

Sasy N (nl) wrote: Traurige Story, aber ein nettes Setting ung eine gute Besetzung.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to see at some stage. Need to see this again, can't recall it.

Justin T (de) wrote: A fun and somewhat unbelievable crime caper made believable by two great lead actors.

Simon T (jp) wrote: Steve Coogan co-writes, co-produces, and co-stars in this wonderfully funny and moving adaptation of Martin Sixsmith's account of a mother's search for the son that was taken from her in late fifties Ireland. Judi Dench is brilliant as Philomena, but the revelation is Coogan, who is an excellent foil and proves to be a seriously fine actor. Stephen Frears directs with his usual sensitivity and rigour, and Alexander Desplat's subtle and melancholy score is one of his very best. Terrific.

Ben L (au) wrote: So what do you do when you're making buckets of cash playing a super hero, and can basically pick your own project? Why not try directing? Before We Go is the directorial debut of Chris Evans. It's the story of a girl who has her purse stolen in New York City and the guy who decides to help her get home. Chris Evans also plays the lead in the film, and he's ridiculously charming. He could certainly play more romantic comedies because he has the perfect personality for it. I will say there's something odd about him in this film, because he feels almost too strong. His character certainly has faults and shortcomings, but somehow his aura always comes across as flawless. A little emotional weakness would make it more convincing, but we didn't get much of that here. Alice Eve made a mistake in choosing to play the other lead role with an American accent. It's a convincing American accent, but it's almost like she has to over-concentrate on making it sound right, which results in her lines coming out somewhat flat and lacking in emotion. But the chemistry between the two was fairly strong, so it packed each scene with that great will-they-won't-they tension you want in a romantic comedy. The story was kind of by the numbers, but with a few variations that made it unique and interesting. Unlike a typical romance film I was unable to predict what would happen next, and that's impressive. Before We Go certainly wasn't a great film, even though it had a lot going for it, but it is one I enjoyed well enough while watching. Sadly, I think it will be quickly forgotten.