The Captive Heart

The Captive Heart

A series of stories about the lives and loves of nine men in a Prisoner of War Camp over five years. Location shooting in the British occupied part of Germany adds believability. The main story is of Hasek (Redgrave) a Czech soldier who needs to keep his identity a secret from the Nazis, to do this he poses as a dead English Officer and corresponds with the man's wife. Upon liberation they meet and decide to continue their lives together. The other inmates' stories are revealed episodically.

Set in a German POW camp for British soldiers. Michael Redgrave plays a Czech patriot, who has assumed the identity of a deceased British officer to avoid being executed by the Nazis. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carol S (ca) wrote: The book was surprisingly good; the movie was okay.

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Todd H (au) wrote: Fricke is a master at nonverbal narrative. An excellent meditation on the layers of time using time-lapse as the sole means of storytelling. Beautiful.

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Ben B (mx) wrote: this is a really different kind of war film. well before the advent of monday night football, reality television and Battle Royale - this film tackles the very real and increasingly relevant themes that Orwell prophesized in 1984, and that sci-fi films have been raping repeatedly to decreasing effect ever since. this film essentially portrays war as it really is - powerful men with big toys, fighting over small patches of the sandbox. but here everything is stripped down to the simplest elements. "gladiators" looks at war on a microcosmal scale -- eaach country assembles different teams and they have gamelike battles between respective armies. a scary - but very realistic veiw of the future.

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