The Carpenter

The Carpenter

A carpenter, who was executed in the electric chair, comes back to finish his dream house, now inhabited by a young married couple.

A carpenter, who was executed in the electric chair, comes back to finish his dream house, now inhabited by a young married couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark P (kr) wrote: I fell asleep.... twice.

Keenan S (de) wrote: The Loneliest Planet is a peculiar and utterly fascinating art house drama. Everything people seem to hate about this film, I love about it. I loved how every interaction and every emotion was about subtlety and trying to interpret what the characters were thinking during their backpacking excursion through the Georgian wilderness. I also loved how it was both a fascinating character study and also an interesting piece about relationships and how a single event can slowly tear apart that relationship. Many people don't like this film because they complain that there is too much wandering through the wilderness along with many long scenes, but I didn't mind at all. In fact, I felt that it added value and an evocative feel to it. The direction itself by Julia Loktev is superb, especially with her many beautiful shots of the stunning Georgian wilderness and how she commands the trio of actors. It's a film in which every scene, every interaction, even every little thing seems to have a level of importance and must be analyzed by the viewer. While many others found it horribly boring, I found myself engrossed in the story as the characters struggle with their inner conflicts while wandering the vast, beautiful, but eerie and lonely wilderness that surrounds them. It's a film that not only made me ponder about what it had to say, but it continued to make me think even after it was over. It's a drama that I will no doubt view many more times in the future as it is one that I will truly never forget. Unless you really enjoy slow moving art house films that are all about subtlety and interpretation, The Loneliest Planet will bore you to tears and it's definitely not a film that I would recommend to most people. For me, it is a superb film and one of the best dramas I've ever seen.

Afreen K (it) wrote: Sleepless Night is a fast paced suspense action thriller. The lead actors performance is applaudable. The movie was pictured with the feel of being very realistic, be it emotions, reactions and especially the fight scenes. Realistic style is a tricky challenge and its achieved masterfully in this movie.

Reg O (de) wrote: Sometimes I do not understand critics but so what. This movie is about the soul, how to take time and recover from something that profoundly affects you in your current time. Easy for me to identify with a movie where a man takes on the task of repairing a dilapidated sailboat and repairs it along with himself.Great cast! This is a movie that moves slowly with not so much dialogue as there is an instinct about what is being said with out actually saying it.I dig like this movie a lot. If you are a sailor like me you understand patience if not you will probably have a difficult time with this one. The bagpipes and music were nice.

Josh A (fr) wrote: There's something to be said for getting a lot out of a simple premise and small cast. The film is chaotic, and it is funny, dark, tragic, sentimental enough, and it does offer a good amount of shock value. The acting is mainly what elevates the mediocre script, though, notably Gordon-Levitt's, as he strays from his more typical roles and essentially becomes a one man wrecking crew.

Kevin S (kr) wrote: In Larry The Cable Guys movie debut he plays a health inspector. He gets assigned a partner in the uptight Amy Butlin. They find out someone is poisoning the local restaurants and these two who are totally not alike and do their work differently are on the case. I am a fan of his stand up comedy and always thought he was funny there. I was also not dissapointed with his movie debut. I was satisfied with what I watched and enjoyed it emensly. I found myself laughing quite often even though I thought at first when I heard the title of the movie I thought it was going to be dumb and cheesy. Yeah, there may be too many fart jokes but it was still an enjoyable movie with lots of laughs. Larry The Cable Guy was just as funny as he is when he is onstage. He does a great job bringing his very funny jokes onstage to the big screen in his movie debut.

apollo h (jp) wrote: don't waste your time watching this movie

Nikki W (jp) wrote: I watched this movie hesitantly, based on the simple description under info on the TV - I am so glad I did. Excellent movie! It made me feel so many emotions, all during 1 hr and 40 mins. It was very depressing to see how illegal immigrants struggle and the horrors they must sometimes be exposed to. I especially loved what Okwe says to the pick up doctor in the garage near the end, that they are the "people they do not see". It made the whole thing so clear to me. Would recommend to anyone.

Minday L (it) wrote: Amazingly funny. Keeps interest. Best stoner movie ever. I would highly recommend it.

Kim M (gb) wrote: What a beautifully told story this is.....not overly sentimental and yet there are scenes that can't help but have an emotional impact. The Polish brothers are brilliant and Michelle Hicks very impressive in her role as Penny.

Gabita G (ru) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A strong film that makes the best use of great performances, beautiful locations and a gorgeous score to tell a thought-provoking story about cultural differences and the white man's abusive condescension (especially religious) toward those he considers inferior and primitive.

ZACHO D (mx) wrote: Colourful and a lot of fun.

Gary R (ca) wrote: I'm amazed of how unfunny this movie is.

Joey T (kr) wrote: Far too long and overly convoluted, but a lot of fun.

Paul D (nl) wrote: As much as I like Jason Momoa I do not think he did a very good job at directing this movie. I found it to be slow and boring. The characters were bland and story is vague. I did not like this one.