The Case Is Closed

The Case Is Closed

The servant boy, a minor, engaged in a middle class family dies mysteriously locked in a kitchen.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Kharij opens with a sequence where a small child comes to work in the household of a middle-class family... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian Y (ru) wrote: Interesting with some spikes of intensity. A little too disjointed for my tastes. I vascillate between 2 and 1/2 stars and 3. It is beautifully shot, perhaps if I was twenty and bitter.

Michael M (ru) wrote: Oh the things you find on Hulu. I tried but only made it about ten minutes through. Relies too heavily on narration, and not good narration. The actors are pure camp and its just trying too hard to be quirky.

Eric R (de) wrote: An interesting film that really dissects the relationships which exist between men and woman. This is actually my first Sang-soo Hong film, and he really does have a very unique voice. The film follows a director who convinces his friend to come to beach with him to help write his next screenplay. The friend brings his girlfriend whom the director is immediately drawn too. What ensues isnt much of a love triangle but more a study of the relationship which divulges between these two characters who are instantly attracted to one and other. The film has a lot of philosophical discussions between characters and does grow to be a bit tedious given the length of 128 minutes. Hong has some great compositions but I found his use of zoom to be a bit distracting. Strong, fascinating film but its pacing was a little too tedious for me to rate it any higher.

Tim S (ag) wrote: I remember watching the trailers for this movie in 06, I was only 16, my mind still weak - play-doh able to be shaped by the perpetual media machine. The NBA was lame, the cool kids played on the streets! Still, I wasn't too enticed by the premise of this movie. That's why when my friend called me up one day(this was when people still used cell phones for talking, not texting) asking if I wanted to see "Crossover", I was hesitant. "But Tim, It has Wayne Brady!" Alas, it does have Wayne Brady, the spontaneous singer of "Whose line is it anyway?" fame. "As much as I want to see Wayne Brady cross some young-punks over, I just don't have enough money" I replied. "Tim, Tim, I'll pay for this one, and don't worry about paying me back." Wow - going to a movie for free? Who could resist a lazy afternoon at the local movie theater with a few friends? I decided to go along, cautiously enthused. I don't remember the any exact details, I have since tried to erase every shred of memory from that experience, so if you're still reading this drawn-out narrative you're probably pretty pissed there is not much of a review here... Imagine a made-for-TV Disney movie crossed over(pun intended(I'm sorry!)) with a poorly-written, non-documentary, version of "Hoop Dreams". Now Imagine a movie that's one-quarter as good as the one you were just thinking of. Wayne Brady doesn't even have a major part! Not even a minor Part! If you enjoy watching predictable, poorly-acted, disasters of movies, then you might, I repeat, might, enjoy this movie. I would say It's a feel good movie, but it's just so hard to "feel-good" when you're watching a movie as terrible as this. I saw this movie for free and I was still offended, I'm surprised my friend, who paid $14 for this movie, isn't in the nearest insane asylum right now.

Michael D (au) wrote: Nothing new but decent.

Richard C (ca) wrote: This is one of those "Dogme" movies, which means the asshole director most likely thinks he or she is better than every other director in the world, but guess what - I liked it. It's evenly drama and romance and everyone can act their part. It's another one of those films high on coincidences, with every character interrelated in some form or another, but I hadn't seen one of those films in Danish yet, so perhaps that's why I took a like to it anyway. Optimistic, feel-good, funny, with characters you care about (Maybe that's what the coincidences were scripted to do?)

Jennifer M (es) wrote: Great movie, just one problem. THE TIME!!! Do you really need over three hours of Lord of the Rings? Other than that, I think it's good.

Alana B (us) wrote: But I want see this movie and really funny one

Mi C (de) wrote: Just a great little road trip with a boy, a girl, her dead brother? and Satan hot on their trail!

Zachary M (br) wrote: Let me say, the first forty five minutes of this film, is some of my favorite bits of film in history. Cutting there and it would have been the absolute best short film ever made. Then the second half happens. Now it's not bad, the last ten minutes are just as griping as the first forty five, but I have never been too invested in the bits between then. I still completely recommend this film to anyone who loves films and filmmaking, but that little bit is enough to keep me from giving it a higher place up there in the pantheon of cinema.

Benjamin J (de) wrote: One of the best in the series. A brilliant balance of the bloodshed that the films are famous for, but with great plot and character development (that sadly, they're not recognised for, which is a bit unfair).

Craig T (br) wrote: Well done. Richard Boone is wonderful

Jared S (ag) wrote: an experimental film that does some interesting things but ultimately is just a waste of time. The story is dumb for whatever little bit there is. Ugly looking movie.

Farah R (kr) wrote: What a load of rubbish!

Taylor M (au) wrote: this movie is so touching. I love the story behind it and i love the relationship built between the father and the town after the son says he met jesus. Its very sad but very touching in a lot of ways. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a tear jerker or a really cute movie.