The Casino Job

The Casino Job

Barry Kaylin is living the dream. Not yet 40, he owns four Las Vegas casinos and lives the life of the bachelor to the fullest. One night, while meeting with two potential business associates, he hires five local dancers to flirt and lounge around his mansion and lagoon pool.

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Leon W (ag) wrote: Fairly interesting but not as good as I hoped it was going to be.

David F (ru) wrote: Strong performances can't overcome an extremely uneven screenplay.

Rene R (nl) wrote: The charm of this documentary rides in the personalities of the drivers sitting behind the wheels of these big rigs. Give em' a break, just not right in front of their lane.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: It's an odd movie but Carey Grant and Leslie Caron have terrific chemistry that makes this movie worth while

Charles R (es) wrote: One of my favorite Hitchcock pictures!

Riff J (mx) wrote: It's not even close to as good as the original, but in it's defense, nothing would've succeeded as the sequel to the masterpiece Halloween. I still enjoyed the movie because of the last 1/3 of it. Imho the movie unsuccessfully tries to pick up right where the original ended, but it fails at building up any suspense or terror. But just when it feals like all is lost, it comes through when it matters most. And all of a sudden, the Halloween theme gives you goosebumps again, and you're caught holding your breath at just the right moments. Jamie Lee Curtis is awesome as our damsel in distress, and Donald Pleasence really comes through when it matters most. Not a bad follow up, and the last decent movie in the franchise until the reboot arrives.