The Cavern

The Cavern

8 explorers trapped in a Russian cave system are hunted by an unknown presence.

8 explorers trapped in a Russian cave system are hunted by an unknown presence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galina S (ag) wrote: i like country. but i watched this movie for a month, so that says something.

Alvin Y (de) wrote: At first i thought its gonna be like Free Willy or Dolphin Tale, but no, it's whales on the ice, and in need of help to be rescued. Then what, they got saved, and what else, nothing to care for, really nothing to care for, not even the characters who play themselves I mean the actors playing themselves not who they playing it, I don't know it's a big miracle!

Pablo M (jp) wrote: Mesmerising, excellent picture. A great piece of Hollywood history. Outstanding performances by a great cast, a must see for every historical drama fan.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: Probably the most emotional poignancy I've seen in film that was finely performed by both Cheadle and Sandler - again at another serious role after "Punch-Drunk Love" with few comedic attempts - with them following a nice direction on reunited friendship helping out to overcome a terrible loss. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Hkan G (mx) wrote: poor guy got 3 girls on his heels all the time i can hardly keep up with my 1 one XD

Quinton A (br) wrote: Not near as good as Super Troopers, and story elements rather sucked. There were plenty of good laughs and silly moments to make it worth a watch however.

Pan C (ru) wrote: I suppose I should review these as well to get the series complete. These are the adventures of the traveling Tommy Lee/Philip Rhee, who is dedicated to being badass everywhere and all the time. The Neo Nazi Ku Klux Klan redneck skinhead racists fall completely flat. Maybe you could get away with these storylines in a very serious and well researched drama movie, but in the context of a dumb action movie it just seems forced and clichd. The action is mostly shooting. There's plenty of it, but that's not what I watch a Best of the Best movie for. Mostly it just seems Philip Rhee was trying to build up his resume as an action star, and this was the only title under which they'd let him do it.This was also Philip's directional and writing debut. And as a movie making effort, it's really not that bad. But the story is the wrong blend of dumb and serious and it's simply not the movie I wanted to see under this title. Well, at least it's not just white guys saving the black guys from other white guys, I guess it's a start for anti-racism movies that an Asian character gets to kick everybody's asses.All in all a low point in the franchise. Not badly made, not dull enough to shut off halfway through, but not exactly the best of the best.

Christine R (br) wrote: it a wierd movie but i watched it all ... mm.. i didn't like it i found it boring at times

Suanne T (kr) wrote: Crazy funny. Richard Grant is brilliant and the play with film is something I haven't seen for awhile.

Matt H (au) wrote: The final 20 minutes are obviously the best, it would have been nice to have more musical numbers. Some very iconic scenes and dialogue - the amount of stuff stolen from and used in other movies is too much to count on your fingers. The 2nd to last musical number is the best, and most iconic. That through-the-legs shot, and the overhead camera shot make the film, and are still wonderful. I wish Ginger Rogers had more screen time (and dance/singing moments). Really love her. Ruby Keeler and Bebe Daniels were solid, but they were no Ginger. Keeler's character was a little too "gee wiz" at times, almost making her stupid. And I'm sick of everything being "swell," lol.

Mark M (us) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully acted, thought provoking, intelligently scripted. The critics are completely nut...I will never listen to them again. This movies was unique in its style and design...not the standard reboot of old sci and different.

Christy R (us) wrote: finally watched it lol it okay but really ..... not the same .....

Richard D (de) wrote: This film does some things very well. It does a good job of establishing what the conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis was about, including it's pointless arbitrariness and it's roots in colonialism, and does so with a minimum of expository dialogue. It also gives a very clear idea of the scale and sheer terror of the events in Rwanda, without wallowing in bloodshed. It also depicts an interestingly different hero. A man who saved lives really by playing the enemy's game and being willing to bargain and even compromise his dignity to save lives. It's not something you see very often on film. What it doesn't do very well is break out of the overly earnest "issue film" mood that drags it down for large segments.

Adam R (it) wrote: An immature teen movie, but I've seen much worse. It was moderately entertaining. (First and only full viewing - 2/19/2015)

Sherri C (au) wrote: Average movie. Although I get the point, the sex scenes were overdone. What saved this movie for me was the surprise twist ending.

007 W (es) wrote: Pretty good movie, good animation, good story, good characters, and good acting