The Challenge

The Challenge

Jailed for his role in a gang heist and ditched by its female leader (Jayne Mansfield), a widower (Anthony Quayle) decides to keep the loot.

Billie and Kristy lead a gang of armed robbers who steal from banks, armoured cars, and the like. When Billie's lover, Jim, gets caught by the police after stashing a large amount of money,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (br) wrote: 11/6/16 SHO Documentary At times way to technical for the average person to follow but the overall gist of the story is fascinating. While we probably have a basic feel for what can and does happen in cyber space this is an eye opener as far as the depth, breadth and potential of cyber warfare. It is nteresting that the next generation of weaponry will come from a computer and not a gun.

Abhilash S (es) wrote: Watched Bol. Obviously heard a lot about the director of the movie, Shoaib Mansoor. Probably the one and only GREAT director in Pakistan. He's probably even better than most of the directors we have here in India. His previous movie Khuda Kay Liye was stunning and with Bol he offers us a lot more and an even more powerful movie. This director brings you stuff like the Indian movie makers have never even attempted to do, even if they did.. they'd copy a Hollywood flick. Sadly, but very true, its better than every Indian movie. It has a powerful story, the performances are not legendary but they are good enough to carry such a powerful movie over their shoulders. A movie with such a bold script, its never gets easy for a director to execute it, specially when the director is from a place where we dont even get to watch quality stuffs. Yes we have Atif Aslam in the movie, but he has almost nothing to do apart from the usual singing stuffs he is famous for. And the acting part, well.. he fails to deliver it. The lead actress Humaima Malik might irritate you in the part where she narrates, but she did some parts well. Of course, its a low budget movie. As said earlier, its a Pakistani movie and the movies there have a very low budget. So that's the reason why at some point you might feel that the look of the movie is nowhere near the quality of the movie is. Would have been great if it had a bigger budget. You dont get to watch these kinds of stuff normally in that particular nation, not even in Bollywood. All you quality movie lovers, GO AHEAD AND WATCH IT, ITS WORTH WATCHING TO SAY THE LEAST.

Nilesh J (it) wrote: The movie is ok conceptually but simply does not take off. There is so much potential with a theme like it has but the movie does not try to do anything except slap-stick and that too nothing original.

Dyron W (gb) wrote: A routine and episodic buddy cop action comedy that's hardly action-packed or funny.

Tom H (br) wrote: A wonderful film from my childhood...

Ugi S (kr) wrote: "Old Yeller" is a never-old classic story tale came from the one of first Disney drama film and so it called one of the best in its kind.

bill s (ru) wrote: The bar is not really high with FF movies but this one even could not reach those heights.

Leon B (it) wrote: There's horror and there's gore but Hostel is a mixture between conspiracy and thriller, were there is more question marks than a plot. The majority of the story is that it starts off with three friends and they are going on a trip to Europe and they are persuaded odd-ball old man who starts talking about how he prefers to use his hands. I know the story is fictional, but Hostel is a fact of a mess and a confusing film.