The Chase

The Chase

Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck's involvement with Eddie's fearful wife becomes a nightmare.

Chuck Scott gets a job as chauffeur to tough guy Eddie Roman; but Chuck's involvement with Eddie's fearful wife becomes a nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (au) wrote: It is hard not to be reminded of other movies - like Larry Clark's "Kids," Nick Cassavetes's "Alpha Dog," Andrea Arnold's "Fish Tank" - that explore similar territory.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Good movie, confusing a bit though.

Sarah P (es) wrote: This character does much better in 5 minute increments as opposed to a whole show - let alone a full-length movie! Martin Short is funny, but this is something that I have a short attention span for.

bill s (fr) wrote: Better than I expected but the chemistry between Stiller and Aniston is not believable.....still there are more than a few funny moments.

Charles M (jp) wrote: Another awful formula "horror" flick in which the parent/child relationship is threatened by some nameless phantasm. Same old recycled garbage that you've seen done better decades ago in "The Exorcist," "The Amityville Horror," "Poltergeist," et cetera. The cast of talented A-List actors playing thoroughly unlikeable characters and wide-eyed little girls mechanically reciting their lines (punctuating every sentence with "Mommy") becomes unbearably irritating before the film is even half over.

Vulcan S (jp) wrote: It doesn't follow the usual, coming-to-life structure which all problems are solved in the end. Although the situation around the characters may still remain unchanged, I get to see what kind of difference it can make with a slight change of heart with Hugh Grant's voice over and Nicholas Hoult's honest, charming performance.

Armando B (it) wrote: This one was one good kids movie, it had all the elements of a kids movie and an action movie. Like all characters especially the Latino characters, and what do you expect from Robert Rodrigues. This was a well made movie with a good plot and an allstar actors. One of the good kids movies that I have seen. As that being said for being a good solid movie, I give "Spy Kids" a solid C.

Anne T (us) wrote: Actually pretty good, wasn't expecting much but it was pretty similar to originals (MUCH better than the remake)

Justin T (fr) wrote: A really awful film. A film based on Vanilla Ice really has no chance to be good or taken seriously. Vanilla Ice is quite obnoxious and uncharismatic yet some of these characters like him. The acting ranges from ok to bad. The story is all over the place but the main thread isn't anything that hasn't been done before. Despite that I didn't hate it all that much, maybe I'm just nostalgic for the horrible 90s wardrobe and music.

Matt W (fr) wrote: Not entirely awful, but Tarzan is a pulp character and this film has none of the adventurous spirit Tarzan embodies. Pretty dull flick.

Jerry T (us) wrote: devastatingly gut-wrenching.

Ben v (ag) wrote: Alien is not a fast-paced movie, it's not a big movie, sometimes it's not even a fun movie. You know why? Because it's not supposed to be. Alien doesn't need to show the monster more than the 6 times it does, Alien needs to tell a compelling story with three dimensional characters and good acting. All of which this movie achieves. Complaints that this movie features a "rubber monster" or practical effects that don't "tantalize" are either forgetting that this was made in 1979 or are caught up in the fact that it was made in 1979. Yes the monster looks dated on the wide shots that we get of it, but CGI was essentially non-existent and believe it or not, movies have budgets. The other side of that coin is that the world Alien builds looks and feels too much like Star Wars and the production team was just copying that. To retort, Fox decided to take this project BECAUSE of the immense success of Star Wars. Every movie company rushed to space because Star Wars did so well. Those who watch Alien need to be absorbed into the film, and those opening - so called "boring" - shots are there to do that. So if you haven't seen Alien, you really should and keep two things in mind: every second of this film matters and don't expect an overblown in-your-face monster that pops out every other minute. Alien is a fantastic film with superb acting, an original (for the time) plot, and surprisingly good practical effects.

Paul D (fr) wrote: This western pretty much has every cliche of the genre going on at some point, but Brian Donlevy is suitably cast as an army officer trying to do right. It's probably most notable for its singing narration that occurs throughout the feature that does make it feel different even if it is not the most endearing of storytelling techniques for a western film. There's enough of it to classify this as a musical if you wanted to.

Adrienne B (nl) wrote: A little bird on the branch... Tweet, tweet. So good. You guys are too critical. "Libeled Lady", really? Kind of obvious. I do like"My Man Godfrey". This is a classic example of why Loy/Powell are so great. They were never actually dating. Incidentally, I loved "Gilmore Girls" a couple of years back and I feel that they mimicked the dialogue in these movies. So quick and snappy. They were obviously trying for that energy.

PY C (kr) wrote: So funny and such a sweet movie, I loved every second of it.